Middle school student among 6 people shot in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. -- Over the past 72 hours, six people have been shot in Richmond including a middle schooler and a 31-year-old man who died of his injuries. 

"We had lots of witnesses to events over the weekend but no one comes forward," Richmond City Councilwoman Kim Gray said.

On Sunday, a middle schooler was shot in Gilpin Court, suffering critical injuries. Crime Insider sources said the teenager may have been shot accidentally, adding that he was part of a rap video shoot where the gun went off accidentally, "traumatizing young ones who witnessed it."

"Especially with our young people, I was at one of our schools today and such a ripple effect when one person is shot, it ripples throughout the community," Gray said.

On Saturday, a man identified as 31-year-old Jamal W. Ellis, was shot and killed on Spaine Street in Richmond's Southside.

"We need to start pushing back, when we know an area attracts violence is getting heated then we need to make our presence known as a law enforcement perspective," Gray said.

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