Shelter seeking home with no dogs for famous duo, OJ and Blue Dozer

RICHMOND, Va. – After reviewing numerous adoption applications, Richmond Animal Care and Control is still looking for a forever home for OJ and Blue Dozer, the dogs who received international attention after a failed adoption.

“What we now know is this… they need a home with no other dogs unless that dog is small and old like OJ, so Dozer can take care of them,” RACC Director Christie Chipps Peters said in a Facebook post.

Chipps Peters said most of the applications the shelter received were from households with multiple other pets.

Blue Dozer and OJ, the blind dachshund

OJ, a blind dachshund, and his companion Blue Dozer were adopted after their original owner became homeless and surrendered them to RACC.

A picture of the two animals went viral on social media and they were quickly adopted. But the duo quickly went viral again after OJ was reportedly found abandoned, wandering along the road, about 100 miles away from where he was adopted in Richmond.

The new adopter had surrendered OJ but kept Blue Dozer.

After posts about OJ being discovered went viral, the adopter also surrendered Blue Dozer and the pair were reunited by RACC.

Since then, the duo has been featured on CBS Evening News and RACC has even fielded calls about the dogs from all over the nation, including Canada and the United Kingdom.

Since reuniting, OJ and Dozer have been living inside Chipps Peters office.

“They are perfect. Housebroken and calm and quiet. Literally all they want to do is snuggle. All day long. It’s terrible when you want to get work done and they just want to snuggle-I get sucked in and just can’t stop!” she wrote on Facebook.

The shelter is looking for a home with no other pets or another old small pup like OJ.

Chipps Peters is asking all interested adopters to email her directly at

“They have the kindest little hearts and just want to love their person. Can it be you?”

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