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Mom finds victims in the women’s locker room

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — A Chesterfield mother was arrested — again — for stealing from women at gyms across Central Virginia. Kelly Muncy, 29, committed the crimes while free on bond after an April arrest in Chesterfield on similar charges, police said.

Since June, police said Muncy had slipped into women’s locker rooms in Henrico, Richmond and Hanover. There she targeted unlocked lockers, took gym members’ car keys and let herself into their cars.

Once inside the cars, police said Muncy stole wallets, credit cards and purses. She used the cards and money to go on personal shopping sprees, police said.

One victim said Muncy used her credit card immediately after it was swiped from outside American Family Fitness in Short Pump.

Emily Hall said her credit cards were stolen from her car.

Emily Hall said her credit cards were stolen from her car.

“Within minutes she tried to use my card at Walmart,” gym member Emily Hall said. “She tried to pay for $400 worth of stuff, but it declined. She tried to pay for items at a gas station. Then she went to Firestone.”

Muncy and her friend Christopher Gillus were arrested for committing a similar crime at a Gold’s Gym on South Harvie Street, according to Richmond Police.

Christopher Gillus and Kelly Muncy (PHOTO: Richmond Police)

Christopher Gillus and Kelly Muncy (PHOTO: Richmond Police)

“Lockers should be locked at all times,” Richmond Police Detective Eric Sandlin said.

Muncy is also charged with theft and credit card fraud in Hanover.  A woman there said she was targeted at Gold’s Gym on Bell Creek Road.

Muncy is due in court Tuesday morning in Henrico and in Richmond on August 26.

She goes on trial in Chesterfield in September.


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