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Mother accused of pilfering wallets, credit cards and phones

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Kelly Muncy

Watch Greg McQuade’s report on this developing story on CBS 6 News starting at 5 p.m. 

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WTVR) — A 29-year-old pregnant mother of two was arraigned in court Friday morning on a laundry list of charges after she allegedly stole wallets, credit cards and mobile phones from a Midlothian gym.

Kelly Muncy was arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing from people at the ACAC fitness club where she is a member.

Police said on March 31st — and over the course of the next several days — Muncy stole wallets, credit cards and mobile phones at the gym.

Kelly Muncy

Kelly Muncy

Investigators said Muncy then used the stolen debit and credit cards to pay for a shopping spree at area stores, including a Walmart in Midlothian.

One of Muncy’s alleged victims, who did not want to be identified, told CBS 6 News’ Greg McQuade that she feels violated.

Police said the woman’s stolen debit card was used on Muncy’s spending expedition.

She is facing 11 charges. Muncy is scheduled to appear in court again on June 25.


  • Cindy

    She isn’t fit to have children…..what a typical scumbag….getting pregnant three times and probably living off of the welfare system…..she is the lowest especially when it comes to stealing. She should give her welfare checks to those she abused!

      • Belsma

        Joe, about a month ago I was at the store and two people in front of me checked out with their EBT cards and I was right behind them. Went outside to see the one guy talking on phone leaning on a Lexus coup and a woman get in a huge, beautiful SUV. So, yes. It is possible to have “extra” while on assistance, however, I have no idea if the woman in the article is on assistance.

  • Gerry

    ACAC members are affluent and don’t lock their valuables?! How the heck did they get rich? By the way, why steal phones? They can be tracked and/or disabled. Was she just using them to make International calls?

  • Jamie Disse

    I must say, she was wrong. Okay so who gives you the right to
    1.) Judge ( only part of a story).
    2.)Stand behind people, to Judge their method of payment.
    3.) The Government has rules, politics, to give these benefits. BC they own a nice care? That means they don’t need help now? How do u know what food is in their fridge. Children starve BC of people judging them using an EBt card?
    There is more to this story, who knows the root problem.
    But how do you feel about yourself to call a pregnant woman, stealing result in name calling, & government policies.
    There are many affected by this, mostly her kids. But I’m sure it don’t matter to some if they eat…

    Devil never stops working….

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