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Arrests made in UR student’s shooting death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Brendan Devlin, via Twitter

Brendan Devlin, via Twitter

NEWWARK, N.J. — Arrests have been made in connection with the death of 19-year-old University of Richmond student Brendan Tevlin, whose lifeless body was found inside an SUV parked in a New Jersey neighborhood on June 25.

Three people were arrested Monday night, reported the Associated Press.

Suspects named by the Essex County prosecutors were 29-year-old Ali Muhammad Brown, of Seattle, and two West Orange men identified as 19-year-old Jeremy Villagran and 18-year-old Eric Williams, reported the AP. Brown has been identified as a double-murder suspect from Seattle.

Essex County Prosecutor's Office Left to right: Ali Muhammad Brown, 29; Jeremy Villagran, 19; and Eric Williams, 18, are charged in 19-year-old Brenden Tevlin's June 25 slaying in West Orange, N.J. Brown is a double-murder suspect from Seattle.

Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Left to right: Ali Muhammad Brown, Jeremy Villagran, and Eric Williams, are charged in the slaying of 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin. VIA New York Daily News.

Both the passenger and driver’s seat windows of the Land Rover driven by Tevlin had been shattered, reports WCBS. Friends said that he had been playing video games with them shortly before the shooting. He had just texted his mom to say he was headed home.

Tevlin recently finished his freshmen year at the University of Richmond. Prior to college he was a student at Seton Hall Prep School, where he played lacrosse. He was a Eucharistic minister, a bagpipe player and a surfer, according to reports. 

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    • athynz

      You won’t hear a peep out of the “reverends” over this. They never comment unless it’s a black person victimized by a white person – what they fail to comprehend is that a crime is a crime is a crime no matter the color of the victim or the criminal. Then again it’s more likely they do not only comprehend it but count on pushing racism as it is their bread and butter.

      • David

        It is truly incredible what you do not comprehend athynz. Yet one should not expect too much from someone with your intellectual capacity.

      • athynz

        It is truly incredible what you do not comprehend athynz. Yet one should not expect too much from someone with your intellectual capacity.”

        Then tell me David how was I wrong in what I posted? Since you know it all that should not present any difficulty for you. I await your reply.

    • manalishi

      “They look like that would do it to anyone.” But they didn’t. Yet you would know by looks? Do tell?

      • KJ

        true and although a crime is a crime and wrong is wrong but when whites commit crimes against blacks they always get off

      • B Addy

        Wiseman , nobody is running scared. But when a super high percentage of young black males have the IQ of their shoe size and are prone to violence it does make you look over your shoulder. And KJ while white on black crime is a rare occurrence, no they do not always get off. You guys have bought into the woe is me , the white man is evil B.S. idiots like Sharpton and Jackson have been spewing. Look in the mirror for your problems.

      • wiseman

        Lol you all can’t accept the fact that blacks have climb to places that white never thought they would go. Yes there are rich rich blacks. They have jobs that white thought they only could do. White women are marrying blacks and it is not all about money, if you know what I mean. Yes there are some bad blacks just like there are trailor trash whites. I am locking my door because I know some whites are comming after me.

      • manalishi

        Did that stereotypical democrat “chump” just pronounce this as “payback”? Your too weak to be wise.

      • Comrade Obama's shoeshine

        He was profiled by these apes and killed . Running scared Wiseman ? Hardly, your just another racist ape and the second the police don’t show up to work you apes will see why it was so easy to take your ape tribe out in the first place . go eat a banana .

      • wiseman

        I tell you what. Go stand in the street and said what you aid here. I bet you won’t have legs to run. As for as ape your mom love being under the sheet with a ape. You said in a comment that you was mix race. So what the hating my bro.

      • Webster

        Some decades of black on white crime is payback for something that happened over 50 years ago? With that kind of thinking, it’s no wonder white people refuse to hire blacks.

      • wiseman

        No the reason white don’t hire blacks is because they know blacks are smarter and will take the job away from them

    • Meghan

      Webster, you can trust your black doctor, your banker, your black business partner, your black teacher, etc. What I really HOPE you meant were the people in high crime areas, or ones that live in poverty stricken areas. I hope youre not so ignorant that you feel that way about the people who Ive stated in my first sentence, that you would think they are just like this scum and that they are killers.


    This toung man was getting his education, they should have been doing the same…….instead they will be doing jail time.

  • JOHN

    I wonder if Timmy is going to say something stupid like “get over it” like he does when crime is committed on women

  • Meghan

    If it was just robbery, they really didn’t have to kill him. They could have taken him out of the car, or thrown him out after he’d given them his possessions. The fact that they fired 10 rounds into the car, makes me wonder if it was a class envy/hatred type of situation. Maybe they saw this young kid, driving a nice car, who they thought was rich and privileged, and wanted him dead more than they cared about robbing him.

    • wiseman

      Nobody got the courage to said maybe the white boy was in that area to buy drugs. You all do know that white college is on drug too.

      • BO

        So does that make it right?typical.That aditude is the reason I come down a lot harder on your kind.Maybe your sister will go to a white college and we can gangbang her because she should’nt have been there anyway.

      • Melissa

        Bo…that analogy doesn’t even make sense. I will entertain both you and wisemans scenarios for a sec…his sister going to an all white school is not a bad thing. She is going for an education and has a reasonable expectation and right to not be raped or killed on a college campus. But if you are going to sell or buy drugs from gang members or other criminals, there’s a big likelihood and expectation that people who do that will get robbed or killed. I doubt he was trying to buy drugs. But if I’m wrong, I’m sure investigators will be able to find out

      • Glenn Lyerly

        Melissa,I remember clearly some years back a white girl was raped by 11 guys in churchill and the response from the community was she should’nt have been far as buying drugs many schools butt right up against all black neighborhoods so they are the kids are easy targets because they think they can reason with unreasonable people.You don’t have to do anything but be there.soltion,raze the ghettos and who cares where they go.

      • wiseman

        Melissa it wasn’t that what Ii said didn’t make sense it was that you was too dumb to understand

      • athynz

        He could have been in the area to buy drugs – that is really beside the point. And yes indeed some white people do drugs… some of us have smoked some herb. That does not mean we deserve to die for it.

  • Shaft

    he should’ve know who to hang around with and who not to hang around with. Looking at those 3, I dont think I would be playing video games with them.
    PS. im not white or blakc

    • Paula

      Webster until we make everyone realize that we all are the same no matter what race we there will be no changes or hope. The young people can and do accept all races more than the grown up. Old people need to stop putting bad idea in our kids head.

  • Joe Petri (@EnoughisEnoug13)

    This happened less than a mile from my house. I used to live in a beautiful neighborhood which has now been infested, raided and these types of crimes have become more and more common. The culprits are always the same, their victims usually share the same traits. This IS a hate crime. Where is the outrage from the Caucasian community? Where are the black leaders denouncing this? We are well passed peaceful demonstrations. Perhaps we need to accept what the reality is.

    • wiseman

      Joe read your comment and admit that are a racist. You sound so stupid. It is people like you like turn our young people . Go find the highest bridge and take a leap.

    • BO

      Do what I did Joe,move.You have to be a predator to live among them and I’m getting too old for that BS now.

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