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UR student Brendan Tevlin found dead in car, ‘targeted’ by killer

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WEST ORANGE, N.J. A University of Richmond student’s lifeless body was found inside an SUV parked in a New Jersey neighborhood Thursday morning, police said.

Investigators identified the victim as Brendan Tevlin, 19, of Livingston, and said the victim appeared to have been targeted by his killer.

Brendan Tevlin, via Twitter

Brendan Tevlin, via Twitter

Authorities said Tevlin was found dead about 1:30 a.m. in the driver’s seat of a Land Rover 4×4 parked in an apartment complex near Walker Road and Northfield Avenue in West Orange.

Both the passenger and driver’s seat windows had been shattered, reports WCBS. Friends said that he had been playing video games with them shortly before the shooting. He had just texted his mom to say he was headed home, according to a spokesman for the family.

Tevlin recently finished his freshmen year at the University of Richmond. Prior to college he was a student at Seton Hall Prep School.

Brendan played Lacrosse at Seton Hall, but not UR. He was a Eucharistic minister, a bagpipe player and a surfer, according to reports. 

There was an overwhelming turnout for the prayer service held Thursday afternoon at Seton Hall.

“Wonderful kid. Straight-A student,” said Joe Callaghan, Tevlin’s uncle. “Lived right in my neighborhood. He’s been around my house for years. And not an enemy in the world.”

Police are investigating Tevlin’s death by an apparent gunshot wound as a homicide.

No arrests have been made, but investigators believe Tevlin was targeted. Investigators aren’t yet saying how Tevlin or the vehicle ended up outside the apartments.

The investigation is ongoing.


  • bsmith

    It sounds like it was a botched drug deal. God speed in catching the violent sociopath who thought it was acceptable to take a young man’s life. The fact that it happened in West Orange is alarming.

    • Rena Lee

      one of these posters said that he has an “in’ with the cops and that it is a fact that BT was a drug dealer. (this is only a rumour right now). He sure didn’t seem like one, but who knows these days? maybe it ended up being a turf thing…… if you step on the wrong toes (Latin kings or what have you), you can definitely endanger your life. I am horrified and saddened, but also wondering what really happened since this case doesn’t seem like your average crime and stuff doesn’t add up. I really hope they solve it and let us know !!! so many quesstions.

  • Antonio

    Probably not a botched drug deal as you suggest…not from a straight A student out of Seton Hall Prep and Livingston. My first guess is some gang hazing ritual or more likely mistaken identity.

    • Jay

      Not saying this was or was not drug related but you’re absolutely delusional if you don’t think drug use is rampant within the “prep school” community. And drug use at U of R is sky high as well (though not necessarily more or less than other colleges, just that there is a lot of weed, ecstasy/mdma and cocaine use at UR).

    • marco

      What does being a straight a student out of SHP and Livingston have to do with it?
      It’s kids in that sort of environment who tend to get into dangerous situations like this while trying to buy drugs.

      • Jimena

        True. Often suburban white kids will put themselves in risky situations without even being aware of the danger. I guess they figure they are immune to violence. It’s so sad to see a kid with a bright future die before having a chance to shine.

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