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Don’t even think about wearing ‘tight’ yoga pants to school in Henrico

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – If your child is a student in Henrico schools, they will be allowed to wear yoga pants to class next year, as long as they are not too tight or skimpy.

The Henrico School Board voted Thursday night to approve the new Code of Student Conduct.

An original draft of the code included language that would have made it against the rules to wear “yoga pants” at school. Yoga pants are tight, form-fitting pants designed to be worn during activities that require bending and stretching. However the pants are often worn casually by women and young girls.

However, the board decided to remove the yoga pants ban and instead kept the dress code more generic,  simply banning skimpy and tight clothing.

“There will be instances where yoga pants definitely can be worn, provided the clothing doesn’t violate the ‘tight or skimpy’ language,” Henrico Schools spokesman Andy Jenks said.

Previously Jenks said many rules in the Code of Student Conduct are designed to create a learning environment free from unnecessary distractions.



  • Ron Melancon

    Code of conduct is all good but what if they choose not to enforce? Why do they enforce certain code of conduct but for some reason not enforce others? I do have the right to ask.

    • Jamiel

      > I do have the right to ask.
      Try offering specific examples instead of talking out of your tail.

  • lt

    most teachers are legit but some of them look like they are trying to pick-up.for real, for real. The students must be confused at some level.

  • carryann

    yes and students are not suppose to use cell phones at school either but they do,Henrico your a joke.All these rules from a county that cannot cut its on grass,fix roads,clean up trash or prosecute crime anymore,But if you wanna build something they are all in.

  • nateog

    as a parent, i think letting kids dress ‘appropriate’ for school is ideal, but whenever you have opinionated dress codes, it leads to trouble. Bigger girls clothes are always tight. So can they not wear them? Teachers are known to have favorites and pick on kids, this give them open opinion if they don’t like someone to play on their dress code. This is a stupid rule. Dress codes should just be limited to how much skin is exposed or see-through.

  • Liz

    Way to subjective. My definition of tight may be different than someone else’s. I don’t see where this solves the issue but will create new ones.

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