Should girls be banned from wearing yoga pants at school?

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. - Should yoga pants be banned from schools? That is one of the new rules up for debate as Henrico County seeks feedback on updates to its Code of Student Conduct.

One of the proposed changes would specifically ban students from wearing yoga pants under Henrico Schools' dress code. Yoga pants are tight, form-fitting pants designed to be worn during activities that require bending and stretching. However the pants are often worn casually by women and young girls.

"It's not to say that we've gone into the store, picked out a garment and said 'hey we're going to ban this one now,'" Henrico Schools spokesman Andy Jenks explained. "But in previous codes of conduct, the dress code was written in such a way that it was open for interpretation. In this proposal,  we're making it clear so that this article of clothing can be enforced consistently."

Jenks said the yoga pants ban, along with many rules in the Code of Student Conduct, is designed to create a learning environment free from unnecessary distractions.

"We've gotten some comments specifically pertaining to yoga pants," Jenks said. "That seems to be one of the things that's easy to notice when you look at some of the brand new changes."

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  • crystal

    if a girl has a nice butt in yoga pants, she will in form fitting jeans, this is obv the “distraction” and it is irritating.
    If it makes them feel comfortable to wear, then yes they should be allowed.
    Will you be banning boys form fitting clothing too then?

  • Liz

    Adopt uniforms. That will end all of this can they or can’t they. And this is your online headline story? Interesting.

  • Jordan

    As a female student of Henrico County, I think they should not be banned. Just because girls want to dress comfortably to school doesn’t mean they should be punished for it. It is very unfair to the females to have to change the things they wear because a GUY will get “distracted”. Are there any changes/proposals in the new code of conduct to ban anything that boys wear that will “distract” girls?

  • Bobby R.

    Is it a problem with boys wearing similar pants(only thing close that comes to mind is ballet tights). Are ballet tights for girls and yoga pants similar in design? I have not read that ballet tights are being worn by boys as outer dress. Best regards.//blr//

  • Amanda

    I just can’t help but feel like banning a particular type of pants is feeding into rape culture. If a boy is taught he cannot control himself around a fully covered girl, imagine his response in a few years when girls in college are allowed mini skirts and such. Did the girl deserve it then based on what she was flaunting? Boys just have to leave to keep a lid on it in inappropriate situations. There will always be attractive women around and you cant ask everyone in the world to wear a uniform. Causes, not symptoms are the issue here.

  • tim

    um I think they should ban them all over if you shouldnt be wearing them anyway.That means you mom,40 with three kids weighing 200lbs,I mean come on.Your not really doing any yoga are you?

  • Mike

    Whats the difference in girls wearing yoga pants as opposed to boy with the waist of their pants down to their knees with practically all their boxers showing. If you gonna pick on one sex, be fair and pick on both. I’m a parent from Rockingham County and I believe it’s in our code that boys aren’t aloud to wear their pants the way I just mentioned but I still see it. so why have any code you can’t follow.

  • Haley

    just more proof that the majority of the dress code is based on people placing uncalled-for sexual connotations on girls’ bodies. oh no they have legs!

    side note: it’s incredibly rude to criticize someone for wearing certain clothes based on their body type. PLEASE grow up.

  • LL

    I’m not so much concerned about students wearing yoga pants as I am teachers. I have seen a teacher wearing yoga pants with a shirt that barely covered her bottom. Barely professional in my personal opinion. Yoga pants are not equivalent to slacks.

    I think it’s okay for students to wear them as long as they are not see through and they fit properly. It’s not their fault that our society has hyper-sexualized that particular piece of clothing. I mean, there are whole websites dedicated to showing pictures of women wearing yoga pants. And most of the pictures were taken from a distance, which is just creepy!

  • Concerned

    If your going to ban yoga pants, then ban sagging pants. Your not going to stop boys from looking at girls and vice versa. I have seen girls wear tights (yes, SEE THRU tights) in public so until parents teachs girls how to respect their bodies you have to be fair across the board. Yoga pants are hardly the issue here.

  • Jenny

    I’m not a parent, I graduated this year from high school; but I don’t feel like this should be a big deal. I have worn yoga pants to school, but I did wear a hoodie or something I could cover at least half of my bottom. I’m sorry that they are so comfortable? Guys are just inclined to make comments about girls bodies, whether they wear yoga pants or not. I’m not saying every girl should wear them all the time, but they are comfortable…
    Maybe the schools should focus on more important things because I’m sure there are plenty.

  • Suzanne

    Do me a favor & instead add a class that teaches other the men, boys, and others in the school to grow the hell up & act like intelligent members of the human race. Why do we always make girls change their clothes, their mannerisms, their habits, etc. to accommodate other peoples perverted, damaging thought processes. And also, you are pathetic and very insecure if you can’t handle seeing a bigger, girl with some confidence, wearing pretty much anything she wants. Please people, learn some tolerance and respect.

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