Truckers gearing up for ‘Ride for the Constitution’

Posted on: 12:30 am, October 11, 2013, by , updated on: 08:50am, October 11, 2013

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — How many truckers will participate in the “Ride for the Constitution” rally around the DC beltway Friday through Monday?

No one has a clue, really.

Various media outlets have reported it as a hoax, as “poorly organized” or have estimated a low turnout. Rumors about numbers, website shutdowns and National Guard blockades are flying faster than a deadheading Cat-powered Peterbilt.

[CLICK HERE: Virginia State Police step up patrols for trucker rally]

The rally’s Facebook page has more than 140,000 likes.

We’ve seen recent rallies – like the Million Muslim March (which drew a few dozen) – fall far short of their promises.

So what could happen with this one? Truckers told us it could be a few hundred big rigs rolling, or thousands.

And what’s it about?

We went to the Doswell Truck Stop that was serving as one of the staging areas Thursday afternoon.

Just a few truckers had rolled in when we pulled up at 4:45 p.m. Within an hour, nearly a dozen were parked, and more were pulling in – from all over the country.

“The way Congress is doing, they’ve basically throwed our Constitution in the trash,” said Alabama trucker Brad Higgins, who had erected a large U.S. flag on a 4×4 salt-treated post chained and rigged on his empty flatbed trailer.

“Every time I turn around, I’m paying taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes,” said Stanley Lavy, an owner-operator from Russia, Ohio, who has been trucking for 13 years. “Come on, we’re 17 trillion dollars in debt – it’s like a credit card.”

Tom Null, a Lafayette, Indiana trucker who has been rolling for 40 years and 3 million miles, said “we’re going to participate in the demonstration around the beltway in D.C. We just want to let government know that we’re tired of them doing un-Constitutional things constantly. We don’t like the way the banking is going, with the Fed printing $85 billion dollars every month, diluting our money. My tires are costing 500 bucks a piece now.”

His wife, Suzy, came along for the rally – a rare road trip together for a couple who raised 4 children and have 15 grandkids. “90 trillion of un-funded liabilities that we have with Medicare and Social Security, all these giveaways. You can’t just keep giving stuff away. People need to work.”

The loose plan is for the truckers to roll together at slower than normal speeds down the beltway, snarling the traffic and sending a diesel-powered message that they want the government to start serving the people and following the Constitution, they said. Complaints include fuel taxes, tolls and increasing regulation that they say has made it almost impossible to make a decent living.

“My health care premiums tripled October the first,” said Higgins, who has a wife and four children at a home he only gets to see once a month because he has to stay on the road to pay all the bills, fees and taxes. He blamed his sharp rise on “Obamacare . . .it should be a choice to the American people whether they have insurance or whether they don’t have insurance.”

The federal government has grabbed far more power than the Constitution gives it, the truckers said.

“We don’t need the feds running every little berg between here and California,” said Tom Null. “They can run their own life. That’s what America is about is local government.”

Mike Bethuy, a Michigan trucker, drove his trailerless tractor to the rally, even though he said he can’t afford the fuel and the missed work. Most truckers won’t be able to come because they’re in the same situation, he said. “If I was to go home right now and shut down like the government has shut down, I’d be in the hole in less than two days.”

Military veteran Stanley Lavy said he can’t afford to join the rally either. “I gotta do it,” he said. “I gotta do it for me, my family and my country.”

Some of the truckers acknowledged they could really shut down the country if they all banded together and stopped making deliveries. In this same-day delivery culture, where everything from grocery stores to gas stations depend on truckers, it would be a matter of days before shelves and gas tanks would be empty. Warehouses are largely a thing of the past.

“I don’t want to do that,” Null said. “That wouldn’t be right.”

“It would mess up everybody,” his wife added.

“No,” said Higgins, “we don’t want to do anything that’s going to hurt or cripple the country.”

But they want to the President and Congress to hear their quiet roar of displeasure at the direction they’ve steered the country.

“It’s not about them and their jobs and their re-elections and their buddies and their cronies,” Suzy Null said from the passenger seat their big Kenworth rig. “It’s about people. It’s about families. It’s about loving each other and doing what’s right. And pretty often they do not do what’s right. More often than not they do what’s wrong. And you see it every day.”

She says hard-working families like her own feel it.

“Yeah, you feel it. Especially when you have 15 grandkids. And you start thinking, ‘What’s this going to be for them?’ That’s why we’re here.”

There’s little question that even a few trucks driving together slowly on the beltway could snarl roads already prone to maddening traffic jams.

The Virginia State Police has issued this statement:

Virginia State Police is aware of the proposed convoy of commercial vehicles and is preparing accordingly with the region’s law enforcement agencies and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), just as we have done in the past for similar demonstrations held within the National Capital Region. As long as the vehicles comply with Virginia law, then the Virginia State Police will not interfere with their activities.

VSP will have additional troopers working Friday and on through the weekend in Northern Virginia to respond to any incidents that may arise – traffic crashes, disabled vehicles, etc. – in order to expedite clearance of the highways and keep traffic moving safely throughout the region.


  • Isaaac says:

    Go for it ! I hope all the other vehicles on the road join in too.

    • Cathy says:

      Comeon Truckers It’s time for the public to hear what you have been dealing with. Don’t let us down

    • The unappreciated segment of our society. I always marvel at their stamana………and I’m talking about sitting for hours on end, staying awake, etc. My butt gets numb when I drive for 3 hours. Thank you truckers.

  • Mulberry, FL TEA Party stands with the truckers!

  • Dale Lovett says:

    Can’t argue with a single thing they are saying! With them in spirit! 🇺🇸

  • larrybud says:

    Maybe they should drive right up to the Congressional steps and the White House and take over.

  • Jessie says:

    It’s a shame all that wanted to join in couldn’t afford to. Wish they would’ve asked for donations, I would have given. Maybe they’ll do it again….

  • Bobbi Jo Hogwood says:

    Thank you TV6….I am proud to say I am from Chesterfield County but I now live in Richmond, KY…..I glad to see some news is covering this ride..The bikers ride on 9-11 was totally dismissed by all media….The American Public are sick and tired of the total disregard for our constitutional rights petty arguments coming out of Washington…Please don’t forget to cover the Million Vet March on Sunday..

  • suzy000 says:

    Did Obama DOUBLE our debt? Yes, he did. Did the Speaker of the House do enough to stop the spending? NO, he didn’t. (Obama has spent a trillion more dollars every year he has been in office than Bush) America elected Obama to get this country back on track. They elected Boehner to keep him reigned in while he was attempting to do so….they BOTH have failed us and miserably. Reid has been Obama’s partner in crime in all of this also so he has GOT to go too. If we could throw Obama out in 2014 along with Congress, we would. It is time for a change in Congressional leadership….since Obama has failed to lead us, we need Congress to do it. This country is hurting.

  • STs says:

    God bless the American trucker.

  • Mike Luddy says:

    These truckers seem better versed on the constitution than our reps in Washington… Whats up with that???

    • Jane Erway says:

      we need to get some of them along with our VETS running for Congress

    • Buzz says:

      To paraphrase Nasty Pelosi, you have to read the Constitution to know what’s in it. I doubt very many of those we elect to protect the Constitution have ever read any part of it.

      NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  • KLS says:

    I just feel sorry for the families of these truckers since they are having to lose income to protest the government that is already reducing their income. The average american trucker cannot afford to get sick much less take time off while they are healthy enough to work. I guess this is their way of sharing the pain with the furloughed workers.

    • NoName says:

      Ironically, they are protesting a healthcare plan that could help them out, since they are independent contractors.

      • Diane Arn says:


  • Becky says:

    Thank YOU, Truckers! for Standing Up for America!

  • kenyaboy says:


  • truth says:

    not many truckers are even american anymore. george bush 2 created some grant GIVING middle easterners trucks to come here and start owner operator businesses. im sure you have noticed the lack of american truck drivers on our roadways.

  • John Smith says:

    since 90% of people in DC are democrat Obama voters, I LOVE this idea. All those government Obama voters will get thwarted on the highway. most of them making money off the taxpayer. what a bunch of scoundrels!

    • NoName says:

      So you think it’s cool to “thwart” a particular group of people and you have the nerve to call THEM “scoundrels”?

  • sam.macaw says:

    our prayers are with all of you patriots.
    thank you!

  • bob says:

    God Bless These American Patriots. Godspeed!

  • Topsy Krets says:

    the third party I would like to start is called The Constitutional Independence Party. TCIP

  • John says:

    TCIP… I like it.

  • babumjane says:

    Good one and get VETS elected to office

  • Johnstone says:

    Hope you guys show Obummer what a shut down really looks like!

  • victoria says:

    There will be an impact with this run, and we could triple that impact if NO ONE spent any money on the three days of the “march” God bless these truckers; with the moxie to dome SOMETHING to catch the attention of our greedy, selfish and embarrasing government

  • Will Rogers says:

    These truckers are scary…scary SMART!!!

    Totally caught me off guard. TY truckers…YOU are the REAL heartbeat of America. Without you our lives come to a halt…now get out of the way. jk

    • NoName says:

      Oh, yeah. They’re just brilliant. Complain about the cost of fuel while circling the Beltway for 3 days. Regular Einsteins, they are.
      Oh, and somehow this is going to get the duly elected President (Who they don’t believe was born in the US, even though we have seen his birth certificate) to “step down”.

      • Diane Arn says:

        BEWARE! THIS NO NAME IS LIKELY A GOVERNMENT PAID “TROLL”. PAID TO SPREAD LIES AND PROPAGANDA OUT IN THE SOCIAL NETWORKS! JUST IGNORE HIM< AND SAY< TROLL BE GONE! NO Name, Here is a quote from Abraham Lincoln: "The people are the masters of both the Congress and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution,but to over-throw the men who pervert it !" THERE! is one good reason these trucker's demonstrated this weekend! Stick that in your sorry paid troll butt!

  • babumjane says:

    Great and get some truckers to run for office

  • Kathleen Harrison says:

    My husband is a trucker and I stand by them 100%.Without them the country will stop.

  • NowYouKnow says:

    An irony there. The truckers could simply stop delivering but they say they don’t want to hurt or cripple the country. That’s exactly what Obama wants to do–delve out maximum hurt. The liberal media will spin this trucker protest to suit their bias for the President.

  • bill felton says:

    I had $10 bucks to spare……….. so I donated $25

  • bill says:

    Get that CW McCall music going again!
    Col Ollie North for president.
    Let those truckers roll.

  • I’m with the truckers in spirit. Jam the city, and force the elected representatives to sleep in their chambers, and not let anyone leave until:
    1) Obamacare is defunded.
    2) Make it known the debt limit will never go higher.
    3) An immediate cut to current spending by $1 trillion dollars.

  • M. Kiernan says:

    Glad somebody is doing something to protest the mess this country is in ! If I could drive a truck I’d be right up front heading to DC ! Grandma USA

  • Richard Cranium says:

    East bound and down….
    Go get em!

  • Dana says:

    North Providence, RI here…..God bless the truckers.

  • NunyaBizness says:

    Let Robert Sarvis in the debate!!!

  • Sue says:

    And after they get tossed out….Term Limits!

  • Chris says:

    Chris a Detroit tea party advocate stands with you!! Give them what they deserve hell!! God bless you

  • Lisaca says:

    The only thing this will do is make working peoples commutes a nightmare.

    • Kurt Arnusch says:

      Are you fricking kidding me????? You obviously have no idea about how hard a trucker works. Have you ever stood on the side of a road in -40 degree temperatures to unstrap a load of pipe for an oil rig? Or been in the middle of the desert, standing over a C-15 Cat engine with a blown radiator hose? Or crawled into your vehicle smelling like cowshit from the load of fats you just crammed into a trailer? The answer is no! But you have and are affected by truckers every day, From that snooty french vanilla coffee you drink to the fuel you put in the little rice grinder you drive, to the tofu you shove in your piehole. Traffic? You’re seriously worried about traffic slowing down a bunch of paper pushing bureaucrats that the rest of us in this country do not, need or want? Tough. What these folks are doing is specifically for the love of this country and what it was built on. Too bad you can’t say the same.

      • Diane Arn says:

        Kurt, my husband drives an 18 wheeler…….so I’m feeling what you are saying. I’d also like to comment that these guys have to leave their family for extended and various amounts of time. Kuddos to them for their sacrifices, and kuddos to their strong wives who “hold down the fort” until they return! God Bless America! And all the trucker’s that keep her going!

    • Diane Arn says:

      H-E-L-L-O……….Maybe you did not notice; This is a weekend….I doubt that working commuters are complaining!!!

  • Carl Mertz says:

    Please don’t let us down Now.

  • Here’s a thought. These trucks are roving ‘billboards’ so come up with a message and put it on your billboards and millions of people will see it…

  • joeterrafirma says:

    Ya know, if Obama could close our borders off with mexico even half as well as he closes the publick parks we could cure our whole problem down there.

  • barry1817 says:

    they should circle the white house and block all access, park the trucks and take a long coffee break. At least that would get the media attention

  • likin itverymuch says:

    yahoo…honk honk ! thank you very much ! Obama needs to be otta there and those fat bastads in congress too. put them in the unemployment line with No benifits or healthcare !

  • virginia daughter of a trucker says:

    ride the ride ride with pride!

  • Jason Baker says:

    Salute brothers I stand with you.

  • As a wife of a trucker!! We are with you in spirit!!! God Bless our Truckers for they are the heart beat of America!!! Keep those wheels turning!

  • jonnie douglas says:

    i think the truckers are wonderful, i wish the rest of the people in the us had the nerve or the ambition to do this, which will come sooner or later.

  • Lilac212 says:

    Stay strong, brave men, finally someone is speaking up.

  • Pam Kistler says:

    Social security is not an entitlement! I paid for this into this with every paycheck!

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