Boot blitz has begun, parking violators beware

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Standard Parking, the city's new parking vendor, will begin searching this week for cars that have three or more unpaid tickets.

City officials said about 3,500 cars have more than three unpaid parking tickets in Richmond. Those cars are collectively responsible for 16,000 delinquent tickets. That equates to roughly $3.9 million owed to the city.

“It’s important to recoup the money but it’s equally as important to get people to comply with the parking regulations that are set forth,“  Sharon North with Richmond’s Department of Public Works told CBS 6 News' Shelby Brown last month.

Folks that have unpaid tickets could get the boot – and face additional charges starting  Monday.

North told CBS 6 that since February 24, a little more than $647,000 in late parking tickets has been paid. North said that there are 60,642 open citations in the amount of $3,761,640.

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