City driver still on the road, with almost $4,000 in parking tickets

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)—One Richmond driver remains on the road, despite owing the city almost four thousand dollars in parking fees. 

CBS 6 investigated anonymous complaints that one city driver somehow racks up tickets, seemingly daily, without being towed.

We ran the license plate through Richmond’s online parking ticket information hub, and found that the driver has 67 violations that remain unpaid, some collected within the past week.

parking tickets

The city of Richmond website clearly states that an electronic boot is to be applied to a wheel of any vehicle with three or more unpaid parking tickets. 

Sure, one parking ticket is expensive. How about $3,920 in parking fees?

The driver of the late model Jeep has collected multiple violations for parking in handicap spots and tow zones, as well as parking during street cleaning and exceeding meter times.

Some drivers said they don’t understand how the driver still has their vehicle after owing that much money. The city used to tow drivers after their third offense, and drivers had to pay all fees up front--in addition to the tow fee-- before receiving their vehicle.

One meter maid spoke to CBS 6 off camera. She recognized the Jeep and remembers ticketing it.

"Their license should be revoked from not paying all of these fees when there are so many people who pay their fees day in and day out," said one city driver. 

We asked Richmond`s Department of Public Works, which oversees parking enforcement, how someone can get away with blatantly thumbing their nose at the road rules. We`re still waiting for an official answer back from a spokesperson.

Meanwhile Richmonders are wondering just when this defiant driver`s luck will run out.