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Church reflects on pastor’s final message: ‘We’re going to rise to the challenge’

RICHMOND, Va. -- Inside the City Church on Thursday Night, Minister Terrance Jones read scriptures to members in hopes of comforting their broken hearts.

"Stunned and numb is probably the best way I could put it," Minister Jones said, reacting to the news that their pastor, Dr. Dimitri Bradley, died after crashing his SUV on the Downtown Expressway Wednesday night.

"Pastor was such a strong guy and is a strong guy, for this to happen, it seems surreal, I mean it's almost like a bad dream," Jones said.

Jones joined the church nine years ago and says Dr. Bradley touched his heart as well as the hearts of thousands of people across the country.

"Dr. Bradley is an impact, impact player, an impact person, and anytime you lose someone like that in the city, it definitely hurts," Calvin Duncan, the pastor of Faith and Family Church said.

Hours before the crash, Dr. Bradley preached his last message to the church it was streamed online.

"Really the theme of his message was having Christ in your wherever you go so you can be an impact wherever you go," Jones said. "God is with us, we believe that the Lord God gave the pastor a word that has equipped us for a time like this and we're going to rise to the challenge."

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