Hopewell mom starved son to death, per Crime Insider sources

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HOPEWELL, Va. -- Crime Insider sources have revealed new details into a Hopewell mother charged with murder and felony child neglect after her 13-year-old son was found dead inside their 8th Avenue home last September.

Crime Insider sources  said and the medical examiner later confirmed Amy Fajohn's son's cause of death was neglect and starvation.

"Typically malnutrition and dying of starvation takes time,” said Dr. Scott Hickey, an ER doctor at Chippenham Hospital.

He doesn't have any knowledge of the Fajohn case, but in general terms said starvation takes weeks, sometimes months.

"Did the child have access to water? Did the child have access to any food? Was he being fed small amounts of food?” Hickey asked. “But regardless, if you don't get enough calorie intake on a daily basis, your body is going to start using itself for nutrition. You'll start to break down muscle, skin, even leech minerals from bones so your body can get what it needs."

Fajohn is still being held at Riverside Regional Jail.

Her boyfriend, Anthony Saunders was also charged with neglect.

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