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Evidence suggests possible struggle inside missing Virginia mom’s home, investigators say

Evidence suggests possible struggle inside missing Virginia mom’s home, investigators say
Posted at 12:45 PM, Feb 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-26 12:51:32-05

SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, Va. -- It was a disturbing sight behind the four walls of Cynthia Carver’s home for Southampton County sheriff's deputies.

“A knife was recovered from the living room floor of her home, along with several blood stains on the carpet and more blood on the utility room floor,” Southampton County Sheriff’s Office Detective Lt. Camden Cobb told WTKR. 

The mother of two vanished last Thursday.

Carver’s mother reported her missing Friday afternoon after making the gut-wrenching discovery.

“Everybody is in a bit of uproar,” Ann Carver explained. “We just want to know where she is, who took her - just give us some closure.”

Monday, investigators said the 34-year-old was possibly meeting a man at her house that night.

Investigators say it doesn’t appear anyone forced their way into the house, but evidence suggests there was a possible struggle inside the home.

“The information we have does suggest that this was going to be a new person involved in her life,” Lt. Cobb explained.

Loved ones said they're not familiar with the man.

Deputies plan to search through Carver’s social media and cellphone records for any information that could lead them in the right direction.

“That is one of the items we are working to confirm who that individual she was supposed to be meeting at this point and if that meeting actually happened,” Lt. Cobb said.

We're told her kids were not home during the incident.

Her cellphone, purse, and wallet are missing, but her car was still in the yard.

Carver’s family said they’re not sure who the man is but are praying for the best.

“I don’t want to think the worst. I hope everything is okay,” Ann said.

Until they get closure, the Carver family is leaning on the good memories.

“Cynthia was quiet. She was a nice person. She was friendly; everybody loved her around here,” Ann told reporter Brian Hill.

The sheriff’s office is encouraging anyone who might have seen or talked with Carver Thursday to give them a call at 757-653-2100 or the Crime Line 757-653-2900. They said any small detail could help them find her.