Headstone a husband spent years saving up for, found and installed at his wife’s grave

DINWIDDIE, Va. -- The headstone a Dinwiddie man spent years saving up for, has finally been installed at his wife's grave.

Wednesday, CBS 6 told the story of Jaryl Mann. He turned to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers because he made a promise to his late wife, Helen.

That promise was that he would have her headstone in place at her Prince George burial site by the 5th anniversary of her passing on November 26, 2018.

“She needs to be marked so people can find her because she’s well-loved so she can rest in peace, so she knows where she’s at and who she is,” Mann told CBS 6.

Mann made his first payment on the marker the day after her passing November 27, 2013. He paid off the $5,000 dollar balance to Southlawn Memorial Park in August and was told it would be in by October.

But 16 weeks passed, and no one was able to locate the grave marker.

“They’re very nice to me just haven’t gotten any results,“ said Mann. “They were on the phone with the people they got contracted and they were getting the runaround.”

When Mann wasn’t getting answers he called the CBS 6 Problem Solvers.

After our Laura French started asking questions. She found out a trucking company lost the headstone. But the cemetery now has it.

The headstone was installed Thursday morning.

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