Three stories of survival after trees fall on homes in Chesterfield 

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. --  Families were left cleaning up damage caused by falling trees after a night of severe storms moved through Central Virginia.

A large tree narrowly missed Tina Saintsing's grandson as it fell on her Natural Bridge Road home in the Shenandoah Hills subdivision overnight Sunday.

"It came through my ceiling right in the middle of the stairwell. Thank goodness it happened after my grandson came running down the stairs," Saintsing recalled.

Saintsing and six of her family members, who were inside the home at the time, all escaped without serious injuries. However, her sister-in-law was injured by shattered glass from a front window.

"She was sitting there when the window exploded inward and she was sprinkled with glass," Saintsing described.

The family has homeowner's insurance and expects to repair the damage to the property they have called home for 17 years.

The Shand family considered themselves lucky  after a fallen tree narrowly missed their Redbridge Road home.

June Shand said her family were watching a movie when they heard the tree crack and fall outside their home.

"We are so lucky right now," Shand said. "Count your blessings. Something was definitely watching over us. Something had our back for sure."

The tree just missed her bedroom -- but landed on the family's carport.

Valerie Allen was asleep when a tree smashed through her Partingdale Circle home located in the Newberry Townhomes around 7 a.m. Monday.

"I was asleep and the front two rooms of the house is where the tree landed. Thankfully I was in the back of the house," Allen said.

Around noon Monday, tree removal crews were outside of Allen's home cutting down nearby trees to reach the damage.

"The first thing that came to my mind was thank you Jesus that I wasn’t in one of those two front rooms," Allen remarked.

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