Mike Stone pays off every kid’s overdue lunch fee at elementary school

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. --  On each school day, kids across the area swipe a card at their cafeteria to pay for one or two meals.  This money is deducted from an account used at the school.

If a child shows up with a negative account balance, the school still feeds the student.   A negative balance could be because a parent forgot to replenish an account, but sometimes it is because they cannot afford to pay the bill.

In early December, the student accounts at Charles Johnson Elementary School had a total deficit of $296.

CBS 6 gave the school $400 so they would have extra money for the January accounts or a special treat.

Our thanks to Principal Dr. Tracie Daniels, Matthew Franklin, Heather Alvarez, Betty Colby, Carolyn Jones, Lakeisha Gray and Andy Jenks.

Every day through December, a CBS 6 team member will surprise someone in the community with a random act of kindness.

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