She asked for donations not gifts, then got a birthday surprise

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- The little girl who asked people to donate to her younger brother's recovery fund, instead of getting her birthday presents, got a birthday surprise on Sunday.

Kierston Lee, who just turned nine, created a Facebook video in which she challenged friends and family to donate $5,000 to help her parents afford medicine her baby brother needed following a recent liver transplant.

Members of the Hopewell Moose Family Center saw Wayne Covil's report on Kierston's selfless act and reached out.

"When you see a young kid, like Kierston's age, willing to give up her birthday, which is special to every kid, to give that up for her little brother, that's when we felt the need to [help]," Brad Ozmore, with the Hopewell Moose Family Center, said. "[Kierston] is someone special who we wanted to reach out to and do something nice for."

Sunday afternoon,  Hopewell Moose Family Center members met Kierston at the Colonial Heights Toys R Us and took her shopping for her birthday.

After giving the Moose Family Center members thank you card she made,  Kierston first picked out toys for her younger siblings. After some coaxing, Kierston eventually got a gift for herself too.