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Bullied woman gets free personal training sessions

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RICHMOND, Va. -- As soon as Ashley McCray's aunt took over as her payee representative one year ago, she told her niece she had to get in shape. McCray, who weighs around 300 pounds, said it was her dream to be able to fit into jeans again.

But, McCray doesn't have a lot of resources to be able to afford the cost of what often comes with weight loss.

CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit is passionate about working out and the benefits it brings, so when she contacted the YMCA at the James Center to find out if they had anyone that could benefit from personal training sessions, yet couldn't afford it, they told her about McCray.

Hipolit surprised McCray with six free personal training session at the YMCA at the James Center, and she was shocked.

"I'm going to show everyone that I can bring it," McCray said.

McCray said she'd been bullied and made fun of for most of her life, and she couldn't believe someone was actually giving her something special.

McCray promised to update Hipolit on her weight loss journey. She already sent her photos from one of her recent personal training sessions.

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