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Henrico intersection gets stoplight after 18 crashes in 4 years

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HENRICO, Va. – Curtis Bowman's persistence finally paid off, though he said his neighbors had doubts, until recently, when they walked outside to find a flashing light signal in his Eastern Henrico neighborhood.

Bowman said he pushed for the traffic light because he” just wanted to try to do something for the community.”

"The speed limit is 35 and I see a lot of speeding, going up and down through here,” he said.

For 25 years he's seen a number of crashes at Eanes Lane and Williamsburg Road.

A driver and his moped were mangled in a hit and run accident at the intersection earlier in the month.

"It is so dangerous here,” Bowman said. “And I'm just so scared somebody will get killed here."

A previous wreck at the intersection.

A previous wreck at the intersection.

Neighbor Nicole Vance came home one day to find a SUV lodged into the side of her house.

"I was just in totally shock, I couldn't believe it was happening,” Vance said. “I just couldn't even, I couldn't even process it."

There were five reported accidents at the intersection in 2013 and 2014, then three crashes in 2015. In 2016, 10 accidents have been reported.

None of the 18 crashes were fatal, but Bowman’s message resonated with county leaders and the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Now there is a traffic light in the neighborhood.

"VDOT, I want to thank them,” Bowman said.

"People who I have to come in contact with in order to get this light,” he added, “I do want to thank them personally."

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