Listen to phone calls introduced as evidence in ‘sex for bail’ case

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Jailhouse phone conversations introduced as evidence in the case of a bail bondsman accused of offering bond in exchange for sexual favors from inmates are shedding new light on how the suspect allegedly orchestrated his crimes.

WTVR CBS 6 obtained the jailhouse recordings between Vladimir Tarabay and a female inmate after prosecutors played them in court during his bond appeal Thursday.

“I want to help you get out. I told you, I want to help you get out,” Tarabay can be heard telling  a woman before explaining how she can make a payment.

Detectives said the suspected used code words or phrases other than money in order to pay off the bond.

Tarabay: "You and I will work it out later, yes?"
Female inmate: "Yes, oh my God. What are you thinking?"
Tarabay: "Whatever I think is how the bond is going to work out. Is that correct?"
Female inmate: "Yes."

Then Tarabay tells the woman he is calling her from Hawaii and will not be back in town until the following week.

Tarabay: "Can I at least think about you when I'm in Hawaii."
Female inmate: "Hello?"
Tarabay: "You don't mind if I think about you while I'm in Hawaii, do you?"
Female inmate: [Laughter] "No."
"Ok, Ok, and you're going to work with the bondsman twice a week, yes?"
Female inmate: "Yes."
Tarabay: "Until the bond is completely 100-percent over?"
Female inmate: "Yep."

Vladimir Tarabay

Vladimir Tarabay

Later in the conversation, detectives said Tarabay threatens the woman if she does not do what he wants.

Tarabay: "And listen, no lying because I'll come and get you and put you back in jail if you lie to me. Don't lie to me."
Female inmate: "About what? The payment?"
Tarabay: "Yeah, that's right."

The judge denied Tarabay's bond stating that he was a threat to the public.

After the hearing, Tarabay's family left the Henrico County courthouse without commenting.

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