Tom Hanks spotted again in RVA — this time with bottle of Virginia wine

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks was spotted again in the River City.

He was photographed this time with the Virginia Agriculture Secretary Todd Haymore, who gave the actor a bottle of Virginia wine.

The photo was posted on the official Virginia tourism website.

Earlier this week, Hanks graciously stopped to talk to some teachers who spotted him dining at Mamma 'Zu's Italian restaurant in Oregon Hill.

Hanks has signed on to produce the World War II film “Ithaca” with Meg Ryan, in her directorial debut.

The movie is a coming-of-age story about a 14-year-old bike messenger taking care of his widowed mother and family while his brother is off fighting in World War II. It also stars Sam Shepard, Melanie Griffith, her son Jack Quaid and this beautiful farm where Virginia horse racing began.

Ryan has also been spotted at coffee shops and restaurants in both Petersburg and Richmond. Check out these photos of Ryan hard at work in Petersburg. 



  • Kenny Powers

    It’s good for windshield washer fluid, and cleaning counters and glass. I know he thinks more of his staff than the give it to them. Guarantee it got left in the hotel room.

  • Rianna

    That photo is days old, taken on Monday. Tom Hanks has already left Virginia. Filming for Ithaca wrapped Thursday night. Also, Melanie Griffith is not in this movie. Hamish Linklater is though. Guess you missed him.

  • Liz

    yep I believe they meant Meg Ryan not Melanie Griffith – If I was the reporter, I would be just a little embarrassed.

  • Tana

    My granddaughter is a huge Tom Hanks fan,,,she would probably have a heart attack if she actually saw him here in Richmond somewhere,,,and shes only 17 :)

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