Introducing the six locals chosen to vend at Redskins Training Camp

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Pics from Fridays (Aug 2nd) training.

RICHMOND, Va. — Visitors to the Washington Redskins Training Camp will get a taste of local Richmond from the six food trucks that have been selected as vendors.

The firm in charge of the field, SMG of Richmond, chose the six spots from 14 applicants.

Bodillaz, Buz and Ned’s, Carytown Burgers and Fries,  Opa Food Truck , Red Eye Cookie Co., and The Boardwalk Hot Dogs will be slinging that locally-made food at the three-week training camp, according to the mayor’s press secretary Tammy Hawley.

She said that SMG will not be putting out any information about who was not selected.

Each vendor that was selected paid $2,500 to the city to set up for camp, and they will not be allowed inside the park.

It’s a pay to play price that many vendors said was too pricey. Vendors said that they don’t usually pay more than $50 to attend events, and in many cases are offered a fee to be there.

The move to invite the trucks was a compromise made in response to feedback from residents and business owners, to allow more local flavor at the Redskins Training Camp.

CBS 6 reported last year that although  leadership promised an economic boost of millions for the city, no local vendors were allowed to sell food inside the training camp to the thousands that visited during the summer.

Instead, visitors found national chain vendors like Johnny Rockets and Famous Daves; none of those vendors actually operate facilities within the city of Richmond, as several city restaurant owners pointed out.

Training Camp starts July 24. For the complete schedule, including Fan Appreciation Day and practice sessions with the Patriots, click here. 


  • mbaker9105

    Ahhh, once again such a boon for the city business that was promised returns. Just like last year, I haven’t heard of any special promotions/shuttle rides etc. from downtown hotels to entice visitors to stay there and spread the business to the downtown area, and the local restaurants will be left scratching their heads when their numbers just aren’t quite what they thought would get because no one want to walk in the heat, and food is right there inside the venue and on site. Good job Mr. Mayor. Wasn’t it “build it and they will come”? So don’t be surprised when once again people may choose to stay just out inside the counties at the chain hotels surrounded by the chain restaurants and shops.

  • Derrick George

    The Camp is a SCAM. It does NO good for the community. NONE. Please tell me what good it has done. Football is a NONPROFIT. They get more subsidies from the government than most other companies. The money that was spent on the camp could have fed lots of homeless in the area. This is real good.

    • Reality

      The NFL is a nonprofit organization, not the individual teams. The Redskins training camp brings RVA publicity and maybe a couple thousand more hotel reservations and the disposable income that comes with them, at a cost of half a million a year. Is it worth it? I don’t know, I haven’t run any numbers on the economic impact, but I’m sure you haven’t either. I do think it is ridiculous that the city would charge the vendors for their spots in the area if they don’t charge hotels and local restaurants as well, especially if the vendors already paid for city permits and their locations are on permitted territory. To say that this is a scam though just sounds ignorant. If anything, it’s a combination of dirty politics(probably with some kickbacks) and crappy government workers trying to justify it with some revenue. Sure the money could have been better spent feeding the homeless, but your time could have as well. If you are that concerned about them, write our representatives and ask them for more oversight on the billions we spend on fraudulent disability and welfare payments and maybe we will have more money for the homeless.

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