Teenage boy shows up to hospital with gunshot wound

KKK fliers left outside homes in Chesterfield, Henrico

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CHESTERFIELD AND HENRICO COUNTIES, Va. – Neighbors in Chesterfield and eastern Henrico reported finding KKK fliers outside their homes Wednesday morning.

The Chesterfield fliers were reported in the Archbrook subdivision off of Reams Rd.

“I just want to report that I am appalled this morning finding a zip lock bag containing KKK literature and a rock for weight in my driveway,” one neighbor said. “I observed the same in several driveways as I left for work. This mean spirited act needs to be addressed immediately. ”

The eastern Henrico reports came from Highland Springs near South Daisy, Elm, Fern, Grove, and Holly.

In previous stories about KKK fliers left in neighborhood, police have said putting these fliers out is completely legal.


    • paula

      Kenny there is a different. The Naacp don’t hate people. They try to get people to work togather. If you didn’t know the different maybe you need a history lesson.

      • DanielZ

        The NAACP doesn’t hate people? Oh really? Then why are the majority of it’s members Nation of Islam? You do know who they are, right. That’s the “religious” group that preaches hatred of White people.

      • DanielZ

        So they hate people that will point out hypocrisy? Or are you admitting that the Nation of Islam and it’s believers hate me because of my skin color?

      • divalicias

        NAACP membership is open to anyone who shares their belief in civil rights. I’ve been a NAACP member for many years and I’m white. Our local NAACP chapter is quite diverse — racially, ethnically, religiously, and politically — what we all have in common is a firm belief in equality.

  • Blackbeered

    How is this any different from any of the other unsolicited flyers left littering the neighborhoods?

    • DanielZ

      So other people that don’t believe as you do are less deserving of life? Hmmm, seems like you’re the bigot here.

  • DanielZ

    Well Tom C, anytime you get tired of being an internet badass you’re more than welcome to be the one to try to end mine. What’s wrong, simple things like logical thought to advanced for your small mind?

    • DanielZ

      So only racist people believe that everyone has the inalienable right to freedom of speech? Or the freedom to believe what they want, no matter how unpopular?

      • jumbojetty

        No, only racists defend those who seek to spread their venom under the cover of darkness because they are too ashamed and cowardly to do so in the light of day.

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