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Dave Brockie, GWAR lead singer, died of accidental heroin overdose

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Dave Brockie, lead singer and mastermind of Richmond-based art/shock-rock metal band GWAR died of an accidental heroin overdose, according to the State Medical Examiner's Office.

The M.E.'s official cause of death: acute heroin toxicity, means: accident.

Brockie, was found unresponsive by his roommate in his North Richmond home on March 23. Responding police investigators found evidence of heroin use, but the cause of death wasn't finalized until toxicology tests were completed.

Close friends told CBS 6 that they had been worried about his behavior and suspected his known penchant for marijuana smoking and partying had taken a bad turn.

He was known as the prime heartbeat and creative leader of a large theatrical troupe popular around the world and twice nominated for a Grammy.

Just prior to his death, the band completed a tour of Japan, something Brockie had wanted to do for a long time.

Beyond his music, Brockie was known for his art, sculpture, writing and his quick and wildly irreverent wit, appearing regularly on the Fox network Red-eye news talk show.

His death sent shockwaves around the world.


  • makeup heathen

    Great music, bad hobby though. It’s a shame he let it take him. That’s all I’ll say since I don’t know why he did it in the first place. I just hope he, his family, and his bandmates can be remembered by their awesome music and not their personal drama.

  • Stoopithed

    Man, I love Brockie. Never met him but he and GWAR changed my life. They were a bright light in a very dark time in my life. His death tore me up (I was listless for days) and to find out that is was a hard drug that killed him hurts my heart, no exaggeration. But I have to say… I’m glad this happened. Better to have him die of an accidental overdose than to see him, his life and his legacy sprial downward into a disgusting joke.

  • Jeff Walker

    Arguing on the internet is like pissing up a rope. All you folks posting negative trash about this deceased human need to go back to pre school and learn some manners. The loss of this man’s life is a tragedy. Have some respect for his family and loved ones. Calling him names accomplishes absolutly nothing. You folks who have a problem with heroin use, go rant somewhere else. I’m sure there is some web page that accommodates your type. You folks defending him, you are just adding fuel to the fire. Take some time and mourn this man’s useless death. Mourn for his family and bandmates. They are hurt deeply. They don’t need to read this immature internet banter. RIP GWAR DUDE.

  • Valkyrie

    Regardless of how he died, Dave Brockie and GWAR, as a whole, were creative geniuses! What someone does in their spare time is their business. I will remember the music, the great stage shows, and even the somber show I was at where another bandmate passed away, NOT the way he died. The music and memories live on!

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    He might have entertained a certain group of the population, but so does every other band. Only every other band doesn’t use heroin. In one act he threw it away and became just another celebrity who couldn’t handle the life. He’s no different than Chris Farley, except it’s more of an underground following. So you won’t see specials on VH1 documenting his career.
    I do like how you have one group of people on here throwing hissy fits because another group is talking bad about someone they like. When they are the same losers on here daily, running their mouths about anyone they disagree with and anyone who disagrees is “IGNORANT!!!”. What a bunch of losers… I can’t say much though, I’ll get on every once in a while to stir things up with these future servers and Hot Topic employees. Get a life…. lol

    • Marie

      I finally agree with you for once….the same people defending drug use are the same ones who down it on every other story where drug use is involved, but because someone they like is using the drugs theor defending it. SMH! but if someone they dont care for is using they call them names and judge. Hypocrites!!

    • athynz

      Kathryn the only loser is the one who slings insults first – completely undermines your position. NO ONE is advocating, condoning, or otherwise is defending his drug use. They are mourning the loss of someone who was important to them in some way – that is what you and the other judgmental people simply cannot get or chose to remain willfully ignorant of.

  • lee

    This makes me so fucking sad… I hate drugs. We lose to many amazing people to the shit. R.I.P brockie and fuck you drugs


      It’s been scientifically proven that people who use heroine, are very creative, talented, extremely emotional & caring (etc etc etc) over thinkers . And he was just that. RIP Brockie :-(


    It’s been scientifically proven that people who use heroine, are very creative, talented, extremely emotional & caring (etc etc etc) over thinkers . And he was just that. RIP Brockie :-(

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