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Hanover doctor accused of killing Meg Menzies could face new charge

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- The Hanover County doctor accused of driving drunk and hitting and killing a mother out jogging is in more trouble with the law.

Michael Carlson, who allegedly struck Meg Menzies while driving drunk, could be going to jail for tampering with the device earlier this month that he was ordered to wear as part of a bond agreement.

A judge ordered Carlson to wear the Scram X bracelet after he allegedly hit Menzies as she was jogging with her husband Scott in January in Hanover County.

However, court documents show that for a 22-hour window between May 7 and May 8 there was some type of tampering with the alcohol-monitoring device.

The conditions of Carlson’s bond was that he not consume alcohol, get tested for substance abuse and wear the Scram X for monitoring.

CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone said that a judge will decide if Carlson's alleged tampering amounts to a bond violation that could send Carlson to jail.

“If the judge finds that he may have tampered with the device... and may have consumed alcohol, the penalty is that he be held in jail pending his case,” Stone said.

Carlson will go before a judge for a show cause hearing where the judge will decide whether Carlson violated the terms of his bond.

Carlson is also scheduled to appear in court on July 1 for a hearing connected to the Menzies' death.

CBS 6 News reached out to Carlson's attorney Friday, but had not heard back as of 6 p.m.

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  • sw

    I would have thought actually killing someone, destroying their family and your own and possibly going to prison for the rest of your life might have been enough to make him go cold turkey.

    • Becky Blanchard

      all those people care about is getting their booze,to hell with the consequences. maybe when he gets to prison and Has to go cold turkey he will start to care then

  • Glen

    Oh, he wasn’t drunk, remember? He had a couple of drinks the night before and some magical combination of prescribed medication intensified the effect whilst he slept. For someone who wasn’t an alcoholic, I can’t imagine why he would have to tamper with the scram x. I guess the medicine overpowered the device.

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