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New Henrico Walmart open to shoppers amid some opposition

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va (WTVR) -- Those in and around Henrico County now have a new place to shop after a new Walmart store opened just off Forest Avenue on Wednesday, May 21.

The big box retailer said it had to fill about 200 positions for the new store -- which is located near Broad Street and Glenside Drive.

While many were excited they would have a new low-price place to shop, not everyone was happy about the new store opening.

In fact, the plan was met by some opposition from neighbors, who felt the new store would be an unattractive addition to the Charles Glen neighborhood.

"It's a great place to shop it's right here in my local area," Melvin Carter said. "I think it will be convenient but I think it will cause a little bit more congestion with traffic."

A Walmart spokesperson said the building plans were actually downsized as a compromise. A typical superstore can exceed 200,000 square feet. The new Henrico store is approximately 90,000 square feet.


  • Lynn

    There was no reason on earth why they couldn’t have used the old K-mart building on the corner of Glenside and Broad Street.

  • fred

    because the old kmart and that part of broad is the new Henrico prostitute haven.Henrico police have known this and do nothing to stop it.

  • rita belle

    I find that most of the people in this city do not want to see growth or change while other cities are growing . Most are against a new stadium that could really revitalize the downtown area,complaining that it will interfere with the old slave market.Those days are gone.Im sorry that there was slavery,but people ,we have to look ahead.

    • Tammy

      You are 100% right. I am a black woman and I am for the stadium. Not sure why people would want blight instead of a slavery heritage site where people can learn the history instead of riding by blight and not knowing anything. The people who prefer the blight over the heritage site have hidden agendas because it makes no sense.

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