New Walmart open at Reynolds Crossing, other retail announced

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HENRICO, Va. (WTVR) – One area of Henrico that used to be gated is now beginning to boom with business.

Remember when the gates blocked off eastbound travel on Forest Avenue?

Times have changed. On Wednesday, the new 90,000 square foot Walmart on Forest Avenue opens, with a 7:30 a.m.  ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The Henrico Planning Commission voted unanimously in 2012 to move forward with a plan that was denied years earlier. A Walmart representative said they made several compromises, one being square-footage, which brings it in as the smallest store in the region.

A typical Walmart can exceed 200,000 square feet. For perspective this new one will be smaller than the Short Pump Kroger.

Regular store hours will be 6 a.m. to midnight daily, with the closing time being another compromise made by the retail giant.

In addition to this new development, CRBE also announced that construction will extend down to the corner. A new series of retail shops will be located at the corner of Glenside Avenue and Forest Avenue.



It will be known as The Shoppes at Reynolds Crossing. That is likely observed as Building A on the Reynolds Crossing Master Plan.

CBRE said that the proposed building is 70 percent full with retail leases that include Starbucks, Chiptole, Jersey Mike’s, Hair Cuttery, Ntelos Wireless, Lee Nails and Salad Works.

An opening is expected in the first quarter of 2015.

There are two buildings yet unmentioned by CRBE, building B and C. Their combined square footage is almost 43,000. These buildings are categorized as proposed retail.

Additionally a 40,000 square foot, two-story office building is under construction at Reynolds Crossing, along Broad Street.

It will be occupied by Sheltering Arms and First Tennessee Bank.

Maybe there is a reason that the planners have dubbed the area “Richmond’s New Midtown.”


  • favrd14u

    I typically watch wtvr ch 6 and visit the website in order to get my dose of news and current events. However, lately it has been very disheartening to come to the website and read the articles. Every time I read an article and scroll down to the comments, it is filled with a bunch of racist and stereotypical remarks. I can’t believe that these comments are left unregulated. Please disable the comments section of your website since you are not controlling the filth that is allowed to be displayed on your page.

  • Charles R. Lawson

    I’m not sure where the racism comments are….I must have been absent the day they taught political correctness or something….. Where above is a comment that has anything to do with race?

  • Ken Mayer

    I live in Richmond. People in the City tend to combine their weekly shopping trips together in Short Pump because there is so much there that is not anywhere else in the area. I don’t think this is going to end now that one Walmart is in the near West End (in Henrico.)

  • Kay Cobb

    I live in Glen Allen near 295 so I am close to both Parham Rd stores as well as the Short Pump store. I stopped going to Short Pump not because of who shops at that store but the whole area is so over built
    the traffic is unreal. I’m not willing to sit in traffic just to shop that location. My concern would be if the location of the new store could support the store financially. That’s awful lot of stores.

  • Paul B.

    If this is to be “Richmond’s New Midtown”, then Henrico needs to start enforcing their community maintenance regulations on themselves and nearby businesses on Broad St.

  • Marcus

    It really is odd that there is not a WalMart in the Eastern Henrico area. There really needs to be one somewhere on Laburnam perhaps near Williamsburg Rd.

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