Man killed outside Route 1 gas station

New arrest in connection with Kevin Quick’s death

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GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- A new person been arrested and charged in connection with the death of Kevin Quick, the murdered reserve police captain from Waynesboro.

Kweli Uhuru now faces gang participation charges in connection with Quick's killing.

Kweli Uhuru

Kweli Uhuru

Quick's body was found off Old Columbia Road in Goochland earlier this year.

Those are the same charges that Anthony Stokes, Halisi Uhuru, Leslie Casterlow and Anthony White face in the case.

Quick, who was reported missing on Jan. 31 after he left his mother's home in Afton, was on his way to see the mother of his four-month-old daughter in Albermarle County, when he vanished.

Investigators found his body six days later.

Police have still not said how he died.

Two other people, siblings Daniel Mathis and Mersadies Shelton, were  charged in connection with Kevin Quick's stolen SUV, but those charges were set aside during a court appearance in Louisa last month.

It is unknown if the two Uhurus are related, because investigators say they both used to go by different names.

Kweli Uhuru is scheduled to make a court appearance on April 28. The other four facing gang charges head back to court in May.

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