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VIDEO: How Ellen moved ‘Listen Linda’ cupcake kid’s mom to tears

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(WTVR) – Remember little Mateo? He’s the three-year-old boy whose argument with his mother over cupcakes went viral this month.

Mateo’s mom said he loves to argue — about shoes, cupcakes, pretty much everything.

This week Mateo and his mom appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Ellen surprised the child with a display of super hero cupcakes. Ellen also had a big surprise for Mateo’s mother. A surprise so big, it brought the mother to tears.

Click the video below to watch.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on WTVR CBS 6.


  • OC Mom

    Does anyone else see this kid is mimicking how someone else talks disrespectfully to his mother, perhaps another male? And doesn’t anyone else find how she talks about hitting her children chilling?

    • mc

      Wow it’s so amazing how someone always tries to stir things up. She said she tells her husband to listen. So no not another male is disrespecting the mother. They live with her parents. He tired to get grandma to get him a cupcake. He is saying listen because Lynda is saying you are not listening to me. As what erin said as far as the spanking ummmm no. Also the video mother is not looking at him because she’s laughing and he tells her look it look it. He says honey and babe because dad tells her that.

    • Dee

      It’s a shame that there are people like your! None of what you see necessarily means the mom is being talked to with disrespect and just because someone says they are going to spank their child does not mean they are abused ! People look too deep into things and turn it to a bad thing.

  • nancy

    if this kid is this disrespectful at 3, how is he going to be at 14? i see a defiant teen on the horizon. it won’t be so cute then.

  • Audrey

    It’s funny how people always love to criticize other peoples parenting skills. This child is adorable and apparently very intelligent. Why not just leave it at that? I think he will make a great lawyer when he grows up.

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