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VIDEO: Argument may have you questioning mom’s parenting skills

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(WTVR) – Being a parent is awesome. It is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I would not change a single thing about being a parent.

Now that that’s out of the way, I must say there are moments during parenthood that really try your patience. Especially if your child is extra talkative and, even better, extra argumentative.

Watch this YouTube clip of a three-year-old boy arguing with him mom about cupcakes and then click here to email us your opinion of the child’s power of persuasion.


  • tqholmon37

    OK first of all it wouldn’t be too many listen Linda’s. Because I would not be arguing with a child of that age. Like my grandma used to tell me I’m only going to say it once. After she voiced what she was going to say it was no negotiating or arguing.

    • Anna Lyman

      Mine would say and be that way too, the first listen Linda would be all I would need to totally pop butt and send to room. He needs to learn who is the adult, and they need to get it under control now, can you imagine what it would be like at pre-teen or teen. Wow

  • divalicias (@divalicias)

    He’s not being disrespectful. He’s calmly making his case. He is using his words in an articulate, well-modulated way. Mom is still clearly in control. I wish she wouldn’t threaten to hit him because hitting children is not effective teaching.There are better ways to teach behavior. I think they were having a good conversation about an issue, not agreeing, but they are both calmly talking it over. I find nothing at all wrong with that — and everything right with that.

    • MissKayla

      This kid is innocent. However, in my house there is no conversation that occurs after I have given instructions. Regardless of if the kid agrees or disagrees. If they have a problem with the instructions, they can kindly discuss it with their sibling, but not to the knowledgeable adult in the house who sets the boundaries. My proper response to this would have been a swift pop in the mouth. And I guarantee that it would have been a lasting memory for the kid to not have discussions with me- after I’ve given direction. I have obedience in my household. Order and boundaries. My kids can make decisions when they are responsible humans. Not when they are toddlers. That’s insane.

      • Karen Laurene

        You would hit an adorable, innocent, three year-old toddler in the mouth? You’re a real nice human being, MissKaya. Real nice. The only one who needs a smack in the mouth is you. It is a shame that people like you have children, when there are so many kind people out there who can’t.

    • Pat Johnson

      Well, Well a learned behavior. Children need to be taught. Let me call my mother by her first name and on top of that add honey in the midst of conversation. Without a doubt, I know what I will deserve. I am 58 and my mother is 80. She still gets the honor and respect.

      • Elaine

        I am with you 1000% . I never called my Mom by her first name, Nor did or do my Children or my Grandchildren. Very disrespectful.

  • internetaffiliatepros

    People need to lighten up. He was WAY cute with his little grown self. The mom was clearly in control and obviously knows her child which is why she was recording it. Apart from the fact that he was calling her by her first name which I don’t PERSONALLY agree with for my own children, but to each her own, I saw nothing wrong. He’ll make a great attorney or politician, or civil service advocate when he gets older :)

    • Tonya

      I agree, there was nothing wrong with this situation. I thought it was cute besides the fact that he called her by her first name.

  • Ad

    “Listen Linda. Linda. Honey…” sounded like what the husband would say to Linda. He is just mimicking his dad.

    • Jennifer

      I completely agree! He is 3 years old and clearly mimicking his dad or another adult who talks that way. I is adorable and mom is control, she is clearly taking a video because of the cute factor… She knew how he would react. For all of you saying he would not call you Linda or Hiney… Did you ever have a 3 year old? They mimic and repeat everything, they are sponges! Love it!

  • Jay

    I thought this was so friggin’ cute! He is just mimicking what he has probably heard from his dad, I think it’s crazy to say he’s disrespectful.
    This person’s style of parenting maybe more lax. Who are we to judge?

  • Santia MacWilliams

    I work with children everyday.And I LOVE how much control the mother has in this clip. First of all it is wonderful to see a parent allow their child to express themselves. TOO many parents today ignore their children due to social media outlets. This women clearly takes the time to speak to her son calmly and rationally. I too don’t feel spanking or hitting is an effective way to gain respect from your child. My children are all grown and incredible adults with big futures ahead of them and I did not spank or hit. I agree that he repeating what his dad calls his mom by her first name. And quite honestly I hear this more and more each day. Who are we to say it is right or wrong. he is fed, clothed, cared for and most importantly shown a great deal of LOVE and patience. Wish half of the parents today did the same. So before you judge from your high horse. Take the time to see in this clip the points of love and understanding and patience. Let’s not be so quick to judge another parent. It is not easy raising a child at social media to the mix and parents and children are at risk. Parents ignore their children so often and don’t even realize it. And children today are learning how to socialize with others via a screen. This was cute, and sweet but more importantly a genuine act of love between a mother and her son. And she was sweet to share it with us!

  • Godlywoman2u

    I have a four year old and he is DEFINITELY mouthy like his mommy…my mom and grandma used to always said wait until you have a child they will give back to you want you have given to us all these years. Lol…but anyway i personally dont see anything wrong with this video…the mom is in total control and hes just clearly trying to make his point…just because hes a child doesn’t mean he not human. My child do NOT call me by my first name but i do believe hes mimicking someone else as well…

    • Diana Ybarra

      I think he’s adorable. She explained why he calls her Linda sometimes. Apparently they were visiting a theme park and came across a little boy that had gotten separated from his parents and didn’t know their names, just mommy and daddy. So they decided to teach him their names. I guess he feel his argument is stronger by calling her Linda. I’m sure the “honey” comes from his father. My son called me “Yanna” for a few years and he outgrew it. He’s 42 and a wonderful husband and father. (he couldn’t pronounce Diana)

  • earthur

    Notice he closes his eyes while he is saying “listen to me”. He is challenging her authority and refusing to look at her or listen to her. I think this bodes badly for the future. If he does this at 3, how will he treat her at 13?

  • Maria

    I don’t see anything wrong with the video! It’s cute and funny!!! He’s stating his case and speaking well. No Cursing!! What’s wrong with a parent giving a child a spanking as long as it’s not abusive? That’s what’s wrong with today’s youth, not enough SPANKING!!

  • Stephanie

    Listen, to all of you who are worried about this child being disrespectful and headed for a life of doom, you seriously need to relax. I have been a professional nanny for 20 years. I say this just to show that I am around kids. This child is clearly well cared for and obviously knows that he is in an environment where he feels safe to share his opinion. Mom is clearly in control of this situation. People…let’s face the cold, hard truth: Sometimes kids are cute! This is an example of that. Period. There need not be any deep psychological worries about this situation. Mom explained why they had taught their child their first names. But even if she hadn’t, I have never helped raise a child who didn’t go through the phase of calling me by my first name. They mimic adults. It is simply how I described it–a phase. So everyone just relax and enjoy this kid. Notice mom did not give in to approving the cupcake. But he entertained us in his relentless quest to get her to see his side. Made me smile.


    he is totally cute to me…want to know more of this boy after 15 years…by that time he is college and another 4 years – a fantastic lawyer and another 15 years more – justice of the supreme court – how about that….fellows…

    or a big time – corporate lawyer . . .

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