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Chesterfield defends decision not to close schools

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Winter weather did not cancel school for Chesterfield students Monday.

CBS 6 asked the district why they opted to delay school by two hours.

“The decision was made this morning for the school division to proceed with a two-hour delay, and our school buses arrived safely,” Shawn Smith, Chesterfield Schools spokesperson, said in a statement. “Our decisions are made in consultation with local and state police and the Virginia Department of Transportation. We have announced that all after-school activities are canceled.”

Snow Early Monday morning, other area school districts first opted to delay the start of school by two hours. However, as the morning wore on, Richmond and Henrico decided to cancel school for the day.

The CBS 6 Storm Team forecast scattered snow and sleet showers that would taper off from west to east Monday afternoon, with temperatures remaining near the freezing mark.

The main roads are wet, with slick spots on bridges, overpasses and elevated roads.  Secondary roads will remain slippery this evening and overnight, as temperatures dip back into the upper 20s.


  • Wendy Weatherell Feldman

    Thank you CCPS for a great call today. I know it’s not easy trying to make everyone happy, and you never will. I know you have nothing but the safety of our children in mind when trying to make the best decision you can with the info you are given.

  • Glen Allen

    It is really sad that we are at a point where people think a school system has to defend their decision to remain open during inclement weather. If parents would begin being real parents, they would know that the final decision is their own. If you do not want to send your kid to school because of questionable weather, then don’t send your kid that day. If you are upset because you had to take a day off to stay home with your child, please remember, the government did not tell you to have kids, and they should not be expected to babysit.

    • Chief Chesterfield

      Glen Allen is right. Parents had the option to not choose to send their children to school and accept an excused absence.

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