Woman arrested in Quick case accused of poisoning elderly man

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LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Two sisters originally arrested in connection to the investigation into murdered police Cpt. Kevin Quick appeared in a Louisa County courtroom Tuesday; both facing new charges filed over the weekend.

Click HERE for complete coverage of the death investigation.

Click HERE for complete coverage of the death investigation.

Shantai Shelton, who was arrested in Alexandria with her brother and sister on outstanding warrants not related to the Cpt. Quick investigation, now faces four new felony charges stemmed from an incident in Louisa last year.

Shelton is accused of poisoning an elderly man she was living with by slipping prescriptions drugs in his milk, prosecutors said.  After the man passed out, Shelton stole the man's wallet and gun, according to the prosecution.

Even though Shantai Shelton has not been charged in connection to the ongoing death investigation related to Quick's homicide, prosecutors said in court she may have a connection to the case.

While presenting evidence that Shelton should be denied bond because she is a flight rish, Louisa County Commonwealth Attorney Rusty McGuire told the court there is evidence that someone driving Quick's stolen SUV picked up Shelton in Louisa and drove her to Alexandria.  There plans were in the works to get Shelton out of Virginia and to Montana, where she has family, McGuire said.

McGuire said the plans were being orchestrated by members of a street gang.  To this point, four people people have been charged with gang related charges during the Quick investigation.

In court, McGuire did not say why the Shelton planned to flee to Montana.

Shelton's defense attorney objected to the evidence presented, saying it was not related to the charges Shelton is currently facing.  The judge sustained the objection.

Shantai Shelton has not been charged with any crime connected to the Quick case.

Mercadies Shelton, Shantai's sister, also faced new charges in court Tuesday. Shelton is now charged as a primary offender in the malicious wounding and attempted robbery in Louisa on Super Bowl Sunday.  Quick's stolen SUV was seen fleeing the scene.

Shelton was also assigned a new attorney.

Both Shantai and Mercadies Shelton were held without bond.  They both will appear in court again on March 18 at 11 a.m.


  • Hairy From Hunton

    This is unreadable. Would it be possible to find out what the additional charges are against Mercadies Shelton?

  • Hairy From Hunton

    Here are the latest charges against Shantai from this morning’s hearing:


    I see that Shantai also was convicted in 2011 of Petty Larceny and was sentenced to 12 months in jail and 10 months were suspended. She still owes $561 to the court for that one.

  • Becky

    Not buying into the sensationalized hype until police and media get their facts straight, focused, and substantiated.

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