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Reward continues to grow after investigators find missing police captain’s car

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Missing Police 4RunnerNELSON COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Kevin Quick's vehicle, a silver 1999 Toyota 4Runner, was located Monday in Louisa County, Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said during a Monday afternoon press conference.

Investigators are searching the vehicle for clues. Quick, a 45-year-old Waynesboro Police Department Reserve Unit Captain, has not yet been found.

"Virginia State Police has received numerous tips and leads regarding the disappearance of Kevin Wayne Quick, 45, of Nelson County," state police wrote in a Monday morning email. "Investigators are busy now pursuing those leads."

State police say they've used every resource available to re-trace his steps since he vanished Friday night.

"They have traced every possible route,” said Corinne Geller, a spokeswoman for Virginia State Police.  “We did that late Saturday night into Sunday."

Anyone with information is asked to call Virginia State Police at #77 on a cell phone or at (434) 352-7128.

Call Virginia State Police at #77 on a cell or  (434) 352-7128. (PHOTO: Va State Police)

"Photographs obtained by Virginia State Police has law enforcement gravely concerned about the safety of [Quick],"  state police wrote in a Sunday email.

"During the course of the investigation, photographs have been obtained featuring two unidentified adult men who investigators believe may have information regarding Quick's disappearance."

State Police released photos of one of the men.

Quick left his mother's Afton home Friday night and was on his way to visit a friend 20 miles away in Albemarle County, according to police.

He never arrived. Over the weekend his Four-Runner was spotted as far away as Fork Union and Manassas.  Finally, his SUV popped up in Louisa Monday, adding more twists and turns to the bizarre disappearance.

Law enforcement sources also tell CBS-6-an SUV matching the description of Quick’s vehicle, was seen fleeing the scene of a robbery and shooting at a Super Bowl party in the county Sunday night.   Was it a coincidence or another element to the missing person’s mystery?  Only time will tell.

"If police can't keep themselves safe, what are we supposed to do?" said Woodson.  "It makes me want to lock my doors at night.  I live in the country and thought I didn't have to.  You know, it may be time to load the shotgun."

Some Waynesboro businesses have rallied to collect a $8,000 reward in this case.

Quick is a white male, 6’1 in height and weighs approximately 200 pounds, police said.

'He has brown hair, hazel eyes and medium build. He wears contacts or glasses and has a scar above his left eye," state police said. "Local and state resources spent Saturday night and Sunday morning searching in the areas of the residences in Afton and Albemarle County. Extensive ground and air searches have been conducted."

Anyone with information is asked to call Virginia State Police at #77 on a cell phone or at (434) 352-7128.


    • scars

      The pics of the suspect look like the victim to me, too. Wonder if he is trying to stage his disappearance. I kind of hope that he is because it would mean that he isn’t in any danger. Of course, if he has family, I’m not sure which would be worse — missing because of foul play or missing because they want to be?

  • sha-quita chapman

    I hope they find this man this is senseless, this man is married with a family ,does anyone care about anything anymore?

  • WorkingMan

    I’ll BET that if they looked at every single Nelson County Deputy Sheriff that they’d find a match w/ suspect. (a.) person looks like a rural sheriff’s deputy and (b.) the victim likely only consorted with other LEO’s. Just a hunch, but maybe one of them felt threatened by something Quick knew.

  • Stupid people

    @smy…know the facts before you starting giving ideals. There is no connect other than that the vehicle was found there! You don’t know the whole story and won’t until more info is released! This is still an open investigation, but as I said the only connection is that the vehicle was ABANDONED there! State police, local police, and now the FBI have been on site.

  • Trixie B (@TrixieB3)

    If it is him, then it could be the suspects had him go to the atm to pull money. Maybe they wanted his face covered so anyone around wouldn’t recognize him to be able to ID them together. They’re saying there was a shooting and people assaulted at a party in Mineral not far from where the vehicle was abandoned last night. It could be the suspects, so scary to think of where the officer could be now.

  • Mary Schneider

    Seriously? The guy in the hoodie photos looks NOTHING like the image of the man shown as the victim. That guy’s at least 100lbs heavier than the officer.

    This isn’t a crime show, folks, it’s someone’s husband, father, son. Let’s try to use just a little common sense, shall we?

    Prayers to his family, for his safe return. :(

  • WorkingMan

    The answer to this will be very interesting. Either (a.) someone he worked with (b.) a family member or (c.) someone he knows really well. I don’t think this your typical car-jacking/robbery situation. Somebody wanted to silence this guy.

  • Jackie

    I’m praying for his safe return! It’s so unfair that the people who protect us from the evils of this world are so under appreciated.

  • Mde

    SERIOUSLY, u would actually think that the guy in the picture looks anything like him to the point to where he would of staged his own disappearance. GET REAL.. This man is now deceased and you have something like that on here.. Bet you feel REAL GOOD about yourself.. I honestly think there is something SERIOUS going on here that needs to be figured out and I PRAY for his FAMILY and baby that this get figured out VERY SOON!!!

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