Henrico neighbors lose power on winter’s coldest morning

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Talk about bad timing.

On a morning where temperatures dipped to 4 degrees (the lowest of the winter so far), hundreds of Dominion Virginia Power customers living in the Dumbarton/Lakeside area of Henrico awoke with no power.

Dominion Virginia Power blamed the outage to 300 homes and businesses on blown fuses and bad transformers. Power crews expected to have power restored to cold customers by Thursday evening.

"We're very grateful the power crews are out here and working. At the same time we just wish that Virginia Power would do something about updating the lines," homeowner Rob Williams said. He, who said he home thermostat was at 50 and falling, said the neighborhood jokes they lose power every time the wind blows.

Williams said he put on extra clothes and stayed under extra blankets to help fend off Thursday's morning freezing temperatures.


  • danny

    thats because this monopoly of a company refuses to spend any profits on updating their 30 year old equipment.Why because they don’t have to,where else you gonna get your power?This is the same company that gave the advice to media to keep your thermostat at 58 degrees,wow

  • Todd

    You have no clue how much money Dominion has put back into the system evidently. But there is always some that has to vent especially when they don’t know the millions spent on reliabilty

  • jackburton77

    Yeah Danny is pretty uninformed and ignorant. Guess you missed the article about Dominion beginning an initiative to start burying above ground wire to increase reliability?

    Tons of pros but the big con? Yep you guessed it…cost.

    Just an FYI the SCC forces this “monopoly” to spend millions on reliability. Plus Virginia has some of the lowest energy costs relative to the rest of the country. That’s a big reason other energy companies declined to enter the market when this “monopoly” was required to make such a request.

  • loritannre

    Power off for about an hour collectively.surprisingly short but what of people on oxygen or other medical support?

    • jackburton77

      Hopefully their caregivers are responsible and aquired backup generation.

      A catastrophic event can occur during any season so a redundancy plan is always the best.

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