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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – He’s made a living writing songs for his award-winning heavy metal band Lamb of God. Now Richmond-based singer Randy Blythe is writing something else — his life story.

Blythe will release his yet-to-be titled memoir next fall, according to publisher Da Capo Press. The memoir will focus on Blythe’s 2012 arrest and subsequent imprisonment before a gig in the Czech Republic.

“While I’ve dreamed of being a published author almost since I began to read, I never imagined my first book would center around such a sad topic. Sometimes though, life unexpectedly provides you a story that needs to be told,” Blythe said in a statement. “I believe this one does (for several different reasons, not just for the benefit of myself), so I will tell it with the respect and dignity all involved deserve. This will be a good read, I promise you, and I hope some good comes of it.”

Earlier this year Blythe was acquitted of manslaughter in connection with the death of a fan at a Lamb of God concert.

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“I knew that Randy was a master vocalist and lyricist but it turns out he is a vivid and visceral prose writer as well,” Da Capo Press Executive Editor Ben Schafer said in a statement. “Regarding his arrest and trial in the Czech Republic, Randy handled a frightening and heartbreaking situation with courage, grace, and humility, and we at Da Capo Press are honored to have the opportunity to have a part in telling his story.”

Da Capo Press would not release details about what it paid for the right to publish Blythe’s memoir.

In August 2012, Blythe spoke to CBS 6 reporter Mark Holmberg about his ordeal. You can watch that interview in the video box below.