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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Winter weather is expected in Central Virginia Thursday and Friday. Please check this page for forecast updates, winter weather alerts and important links.

Quick links: ForecastMaps & Radar — Doppler Max 6 Storm Room – SkyTracker Cameras — Weather Blog — Warnings — Closings and Delays

Carrie Rose January 18, 20137:51 am

How did the thundersnow last night happen? Mike Stone made this cool graphic to explain!

Carrie Rose January 18, 20137:20 am

Fog is a problem east, southwest and south of Downtown Richmond in the Metro. Visibilities are being reduced at times to a quarter-mile. At CBS 6 and into Downtown Richmond, visibility is fine. Those of you with fog right now will be clearing by 9 a.m.

Scott Wise January 18, 20136:49 am

A downed power line on Staples Mill Road in the West End. Shelby Brown reports.

Carrie Rose January 18, 20136:34 am

Check out snow totals across the region affected by this snowstorm:

Scott Wise January 18, 20136:20 am
Carrie Rose January 18, 20136:09 am

Did you hear thunder last night? It was legit! Thundersnow:

Carrie Rose January 18, 20135:50 am

Thanks to our CBS 6 viewers for submitting updated snow totals across the Metro area! This coincides very well with what our CBS 6 Storm Team expected!

Carrie Rose January 18, 20135:41 am

Some updated snow totals. The wet, heavy snow & temps slightly above 32° helped compact the final totals

Scott Wise January 18, 20135:27 am
Scott Wise January 18, 20134:27 am

Scott Wise January 18, 20134:02 am

Click here for Friday snow closings and delays –>

Scott Wise January 18, 20133:54 am
Alix Bryan January 18, 201312:01 am

Raymond Hawkes has a traffic outlook for tomorrow. Also, CBS 6 will go on air early–starting at 4 a.m.! Join us!

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Alix Bryan January 18, 201312:00 am

And here is the 11pm look at secondary roads.

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Alix Bryan January 17, 201311:59 pm

Here is your 11pm look at Richmond roads!

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Alix Bryan January 17, 201311:57 pm

Snow has stopped in metro-area. Here are some totals.

Nick Dutton January 17, 201311:02 pm

CBS 6 News at 11 p.m. has the latest on this winter weather.

Zach breaks down when the snow will stop — and how much has fallen.

Watch LIVE:

Nick Dutton January 17, 201310:59 pm

Nick Dutton January 17, 201310:58 pm

Petersburg schools are also closed Friday!

Full list:

Nick Dutton January 17, 201310:29 pm

Nick Dutton January 17, 201310:28 pm

In an ideal situation, how much snow would you like?

Nick Dutton January 17, 201310:10 pm

It’s getting pretty slick out there folks. Please be careful!

Virginia State Police say they have responded to 135 traffic crashes and 138 disabled vehicles across the Commonwealth between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Nick Dutton January 17, 201310:07 pm

Here’s a look at the snow coming down in Glen Allen around 9:30.

Nick Dutton January 17, 201310:01 pm

Richmond City, Hanover and Chesterfield County Schools are closed!

Full list:

Tell us what you have planned for the little ones tomorrow!

Nick Dutton January 17, 20139:44 pm

Thanks to Nick out at Fort Lee for this nifty shot.

Nick Dutton January 17, 20139:42 pm

John out in Ruther Glen says he has about 1 1/2 inches of snow around 9:30.

Nick Dutton January 17, 20139:40 pm

Thanks to Jenn on Facebook for this snow total update.

2 1/2″ here in Cumberland. Rt 60 2 miles from Buckingham line

Alix Bryan January 17, 20139:38 pm

Remember, if you have a power outage, please report it by calling 1-866-DOM-HELP.

Alix Bryan January 17, 20139:12 pm

Weather wreaks havoc outside. Let’s see if Rams wreak havoc inside!

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Alix Bryan January 17, 20139:07 pm

Yay for VCU fans still going to the game!

Nick Dutton January 17, 20138:55 pm

Here’s a photo we just recieved from Andrea in Ashland.

Upload your winter storm photos here.

Alix Bryan January 17, 20138:50 pm

WEATHER UPDATE: It will be 34 degress at 11pm. Snow will taper around midnight. Temps will get down to 29 tonight. Careful out there! Full forecast here:

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Alix Bryan January 17, 20138:30 pm

Snow is sticking. Everyone be careful out there. Photo via @RedCrossRVA

Alix Bryan January 17, 20138:19 pm


Nick Dutton January 17, 20137:39 pm

Take a look at Shelby Brown – and one of our cameras — taking cover in the snow.

Nick Dutton January 17, 20137:11 pm

The CBS 6 Newsroom is receiving many calls about thunder and lightning coming along with the snow. What’s are conditions like where you live?

What’s are conditions like where you live? Give us a shout on Facebook  and Twitter.

Nick Dutton January 17, 20136:21 pm

Our friends at WDBJ in Roanoke report that rain quickly changed to snow Thursday in western Virginia.

In fact, snow began falling steadily around 3 p.m. in the Roanoke vicinity.

This video shows snow accumulation built up on major highways, like Interstates 81, 77 and 64, which quickly became snow covered.

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Nick Dutton January 17, 20136:12 pm

Look at these little kiddies who are super excited about the snow in Glen Allen.
(Photo from Scott,

Nick Dutton January 17, 20135:50 pm

There were certainly some frightening moments for a man on the Chippenham Parkway today. He talks to Jon Burkett about what he heard in the moments before a tree fell on his vehicle.

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Nick Dutton January 17, 20135:42 pm

Here’s another update on the interstates from Wayne Covil. Here’s a look at I-64 in Goochland.

Alix Bryan January 17, 20135:33 pm

Check out this Bent Mountain picture. Submit yours:

Nick Dutton January 17, 20135:22 pm

Here’s a look from Louisa County. It’s starting to stick!

Watch CBS 6 News right now on TV or online for the latest on the winter weather!

We also have a some closings already in for tomorrow. Click here for the CBS 6 Closings and Delays page. Make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

Nick Dutton January 17, 20135:08 pm

LIVE: Get the latest on this winter weather on CBS 6 News at 5 p.m.

Jon Burkett is LIVE in Louisa County. Shelby Brown is in Richmond.

Nick Dutton January 17, 20134:45 pm

Check out this video from Zach Daniel of the snow coming down in Charlottesville.

More CBS 6 SkyTracker cams:

Scott Wise January 17, 20133:46 pm

Jon Burkett is Louisa County where the snow is starting to fall.

Scott Wise January 17, 20133:18 pm

City of Petersburg has crews, equipment on standby to clear the roads when the snow starts.

Scott Wise January 17, 20132:19 pm

The snow closing and delay list is growing. Click here to see them all:

Scott Wise January 17, 20132:17 pm

Carrie Rose sent back this video of sleet and rain falling in Richmond around 2:10 Thursday afternoon.

Scott Wise January 17, 20131:48 pm

Zach Daniel just sent in this video on his way to work.

Scott Wise January 17, 20131:30 pm

Scott Wise January 17, 20131:24 pm

A tree has fallen across the Chippenham Parkway, blocking northbound traffic. This happened between Hull Street and Belmont. Jon Burkett is on scene and reports the left lane has reopened. The back backup is currently one half of a mile.

Pictures and more details here:

Carrie Rose January 17, 20131:04 pm

Traveling to Southwest Virginia, or have friends/family there? The heavy snow is just about at go time there! The Storm Prediction Center (yes, the very same one that issues Tornado Watches) just issued a Mesoscale Discussion affecting parts of the southern Appalachians/Blue Ridge Mountains.

Scott Wise January 17, 20131:03 pm

Carrie Rose January 17, 20131:01 pm

UPDATE: Snow looks like it won’t taper off in Richmond until between Midnight and 1 a.m.

Carrie Rose January 17, 201312:57 pm

Thursday Noon forecast video, discussion & snowfall map:

Scott Wise January 17, 201312:21 pm

Joe St. George shows us it’s raining — not snowing — Thursday afternoon at the Virginia State Capitol. The snow is expected LATER today.

Scott Wise January 17, 201311:58 am

We just turned on the CBS6 HD live stream.

See Carrie Rose’s snow forecast here:

Scott Wise January 17, 201311:42 am

Chesterfield, Henrico, Richmond and Hanover schools have all cancelled after-school activities today.

Updated snow closing list –>

Scott Wise January 17, 201311:04 am

From Henrico school:

Please be advised that, due to the forecast of inclement weather, all after-school activities will be cancelled today, Thursday, January 17th. This includes the Bus Driver Job Fair and the Safety and Security Community Forum, which will be rescheduled for a later date.

We emphasize that no decision has been made, yet, concerning school on Friday.
Thanks for your support of Henrico County Public Schools.
Andy Jenks Director of Communications and Public Relations

Carrie Rose January 17, 201310:35 am

In case you’re wondering…RIC has picked up about 2.75″ of rain since Monday! Steady stream of rain from the SW continues today…which will, of course, transition to snowfall starting mid-afternoon. It’ll all be snow by sunset. After dark, accumulation will begin in earnest with a good snowfall rate overcoming the above-freezing ground.

Carrie Rose January 17, 201310:17 am
Scott Wise January 17, 201310:07 am

If you’re wondering when the winter weather arrive, check out these forecast graphics from the CBS 6 Storm Team.

Scott Wise January 17, 20139:42 am

Updated snow closing and delays (LINK:

Albemarle Co Schools: Closed Today
Appomattox Area Health and Wellness Center: closing at 3 pm
Goochland Co. Schools: Closing 2 hours Early
Louisa Co. Schools: Closing at 1:00 PM
Open Door Christian School: Closing at 12:00 PM; Daycare closing at 3 PM
Orange Co. Schools: Closing 2 hours Early

Carrie Rose January 17, 20138:54 am

Looking at forecast sounding data (i.e., looking at the air through with precipitation will fall to the ground), I think some sleet will mix in during the transition from rain to snow mid-day through early afternoon.

Carrie Rose January 17, 20138:44 am

I just posted updated graphics for the hour-by-hour rain to snow forecast here:

Scott Wise January 17, 20137:24 am

Carrie Rose January 17, 20136:36 am

You still have half the day before the Winter Weather arrives in Richmond. Final preps you should do:
*De-icing (kitty litter or salt) agents ready for Friday morning.
*Windshield scraper & de-icer.
*Water, first aid kit, energy bars and blankets in your car.
*Snow shovel to clear snow from pathways.
*Waterproof gloves
*Hand and foot warming pads (the kind you squeeze to activate and slip into your gloves and boots).
*Battery-operated flameless candles & flashlights or glow-sticks.
*IF the power goes out, make sure you have plenty of non-perishable food in your house to feed the fam.
*Wipe your pet’s paws with a dry cloth after walks outdoors to make sure no de-icing chemicals are burning their sensitive pads.

Carrie Rose January 17, 20136:33 am

Albemarle Co schools CLOSED today…Orange Co schools EARLY RELEASE by 2 hours:

Carrie Rose January 17, 20135:57 am

From Meteorologist Carrie Rose…
WEATHER BRIEF: Yes, it’s raining and chilly this morning. Just like every other morning this work-week.
BUT a low pressure storm system tracking through the Deep South right now will track through the Carolinas this afternoon, putting us on the north side of that low and primed for rain changing to snow this afternoon and night as colder air invades.
Snowfall accumulation is expected for all of central Virginia.
Highest snowfall totals (6″+) in southwest Virginia.
Richmond Metro: 2″-4″ (most of you will be closer to 2″-3″)
Western VA: 3″-5″
Eastern and southeastern VA: 1″-3″
Tidewater of far SE VA: <1"

Carrie Rose January 17, 20135:09 am

Need to make a Winter Weather kit right now? Watch Clip Part 2 for Carrie’s quick shopping trip on how to make your family’s kit, plus tips on keeping your pets safe Thursday night:

Carrie Rose January 17, 20135:04 am

Richmond Metro area will likely see snowfall accumulation ranging from two to four inches.

Carrie Rose January 17, 20134:49 am

Nearly all of the Commonwealth is under a Winter Storm Warning through Thursday night.

Carrie Rose January 17, 20134:48 am

Nick Dutton January 16, 201311:11 pm

Wondering when the snow will arrive? Check out these graphics from the CBS 6 Storm Team:

Alix Bryan January 16, 201310:54 pm

Greg McQuade talks to VDOT to see how prepared the state is for a winter event.

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Mike Stone January 16, 20136:39 pm

Here is our forecast for snow accumulation. This storm will be a bit difficult since the ground will be too warm for the snow to stick for the first few hours.

Alix Bryan January 16, 20135:28 pm

Cold Weather Overflow shelters will be open in the city on Jan. 16 and Jan. 17. Details on the City of Richmond’s weather event warning:

Nick Dutton January 16, 20135:17 pm

Here’s a look at some of the counties in our area under winter storm warnings, advisories or watches.

Nick Dutton January 16, 20135:11 pm

Scott Wise January 16, 20134:06 pm

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Scott Wise January 16, 20133:59 pm