Blackstone murder weapon linked to Powhatan theft

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POWHATAN COUNTY, Va (WTVR)-  CBS 6 has learned from a Powhatan woman that the gun used in the murder of a pregnant woman and her boyfriend in Blackstone on July 4th is the same gun that was stolen from her Powhatan home last December.

The woman who wants to remain anonymous tells CBS 6's Jon Burkett that her gun was stolen during an eviction last winter. She claims she was in the process of trying to save her home when a contractor came in with hired help and the gun disappeared.

The woman says she reported the gun stolen to the Powhatan Sheriff's Office.

Late Friday, shortly after Virginia State police announce they charged 33 year old Clyde Armstrong of Cool Lane with the Independence Day killings, the Powhatan woman says a Henrico homicide detective reached out to her to inform her they had found her stolen 380 Bersa. "She said that the gun was used during the commission of a murder and it was found in a suspects home recently," said the woman.

State Police special agents and Blackstone Police say their investigation into the murders of Brian Jones and his pregnant girlfriend Jasmine Morrison is ongoing.

Defense attorney Kevin Purnell says investigators will now have to bridge the time gap from when the gun was stolen to the murder and to the east end home where it was found.

"They (investigators) may not be able to find a trail but they will be able to close the time gap to say why did he really have the weapon-that is the big question."


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