Community Advisory Council

Mission Statement
The management of CBS 6 WTVR-TV seeks to maximize the potential of the television station by partnering with diverse community organizations and individuals.
It is our goal to offer our viewers enlightening information that fosters an appreciation of the diverse identity of our global society.

  • Community Rev. Dr. Luke Benton

    Rev. Dr. Luke Benton, III

    Pastor, Faith Fellowship Ministries International Is a true servant of God who has devoted his life to the service of…

  • Community Alan Foster

    Alan Foster

    Retired – Vice President and Manager at SunTrust Bank. Retired in 2007 after 34 years. Present Accounting and Business Instructor…

  • Community Thomas Victory

    Thomas Victory

    Served 24 years as Associate director of Community Organization and Housing Programs and served one year as Interim President/CEO before…

  • Community Melvin Law

    Melvin D. Law

    Has co-authored 20 articles in various Scientific Journals in Medical Research. He has been married to Dorothy M. Law for…

  • Community Claudia E Wall

    Claudia E. Wall

    Is a native of Richmond, Virginia and was educated in the Richmond Public Schools System. She furthered her education by…