Alberto’s impact on VirginiaūüĆÄ

“Free Man of Color”

RICHMOND, Va. --¬† ¬†‚ÄúFree Man of Color‚ÄĚ, is a true, inspiring story ‚Äď linking Virginia to Liberia, West Africa - presented by the Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company with direction by veteran stage actor Toney Q. Cobb.

Free¬†Man¬†of¬†Color¬†is an adaptation of the story¬†of¬†John Newton Templeton, an ex-slave who¬†was unexpectedly freed and attends Ohio University, graduating in 1828, thirty-five years before the end¬†of¬†slavery.¬†Reverend Robert Wilson, third president¬†of¬†Ohio University, brings John Newton Templeton to the University to be the first¬†man¬†of¬†color¬†to attend the college. Wilson is a member of the American Colonization Society and¬†believes that Templeton has a divine calling to lead¬†free¬†blacks in a¬†free¬†and sovereign nation¬†of¬†their own ‚Äď a new colony called Liberia, West Africa. Caught between the expectations¬†of¬†Reverend Wilson and his wife and the dawning realization¬†of¬†what founding a colony¬†of¬†free¬†blacks in Africa would mean to blacks in America, will Templeton finally learn what it really means to be a¬†free¬†man¬†of¬†color?

Free Man of Color is written by Charles Smith, Directed by Toney Q. Cobb, and stars Ken Moretti,¬†Jamar Jones &¬†Mara Barrett. the inspiring play runs through February 8 ‚Äď 17,¬† at Pine Camp Cultural Arts Center,¬† 4901 Old Brook Road, Richmond.¬† For more information¬†click here.