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The Best Time to Buy

RICHMOND, Va – Financial expert Phil Umansky was in the studio to help you make make a financial plan for big purchases this year. He tells us what month is best for buying everything from grills to personal electronics.

These are Phil’s recommendations:

The following is not intended to be an all-inclusive list but a sample

January—Fitness Equipment and White Sales (Towel, Linens, Sheets, Blankets, etc.), Gym Memberships  

February—TVs (Super Bowl) that spill over from January, and on President Day (February 19, 2018) and weekend before,  home and apparel goods. 

March—Golf Clubs, Grills 

April—Jewelry, Vacuums  

May—Furniture, Kitchen Appliances (Memorial Day Sales) 

June—Lingerie, Gym Memberships 

July—Personal Electronics—Best Buy, Amazon 

August—Lawn Mowers 

September—Appliances, Older Version of Apple Products

October—Outdoor Furniture

November—Tablets and Laptops, Gaming Systems, Home Appliances (Black Friday) 

December—Cars (End of Year) (End of any month is better as there is pressure to meet quotas by salespersons) 


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