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Chemists show kids why science rocks: ‘Chemistry is life’

RICHMOND, Va. -- Area chemists showed youngsters why chemistry rocks Saturday afternoon at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond.

The Virginia chapter of the American Chemical Society hosted the event, which coincided with the end of National Chemistry Week.

This year’s demonstration focused on fossils, geology and environmental sciences.

Chemistry Rocks at Science Museum of Virginia

Chemistry Rocks at Science Museum of Virginia

The activities are designed to show children that chemistry is always happening around us.

"It's not just chemistry and mixing a bunch of chemicals together. It crosses over to every aspect of life,” Denise Walters with the Virginia Section of the American Chemical Society said. “Whether we're breathing chemistry, eating chemistry, wearing chemistry, walking on chemistry.  The world is chemistry, we are chemistry. Chemistry is life.”

The group said a focus on STEM earning is a big part of our economy.

Students and families can visit the American Chemical Society's website to learn about the variety of jobs related to chemistry.