RVA Fit Fest raises money for scholarship foundation

RICHMOND, Va. -- Hundreds of people took part in the second RVA Fit Fest Saturday afternoon in Richmond.

One by one, 42 instructors led 10 teams through a variety of dance workouts, including Zumba, Hip Hop and Body Riddims, AfroBeats and MixxedFit.

"The energy has been great," La Verne Burrus-Johnson, a Zumba instructor and owner of iDanze Fitness, said. "I'm so excited that Richmond and Virginia Beach came out to enjoy this event. Last year, I think we had 100 people. This year we had... almost 300 people."

The event benefited the KML Scholarship Foundation, which awards scholarship money for books to Virginia college students.

WTVR CBS 6 anchor Candace Burns was the emcee of the event.