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CBS 6 and Nutzy surprise single mother of twins with new car seats

MECHANICSVILLE, Va. – A Mechanicsville mother of twins loves taking her boys to watch the Richmond Flying Squirrels at the Diamond. But it has gotten a little more difficult for Heather Flippo as her 6-year-old boys have outgrown their car seats.

After receiving an email from a friend, CBS 6 Sports Director Lane Casadonte and Nutzy with the Richmond Flying Squirrels knew they wanted to help.

Casadonte and Nutzy, with the help of the Richmond Flying Squirrels and Union Bank and Trust, surprised the single-mother and her twins at their Mechanicsville home.

Walking up to their front door, Casadonte and Nutzy were met with a sign that read “If we aren’t here we’re at the ballfield.”

Luckily, Heather and the boys were home.

“On behalf of Channel 6 and The Flying Squirrels, we wanted to give you this gift card to go get the car seats that you need to bring these guys to the Diamond as much as they want to come,” said Casadonte.

“Thank you guys so much,” said Flippo.

After exchanging some high-fives, Flippo and the boys promised to visit Nutzy at the ball park real soon.