Sip & Savor the flavor at Bonefish Grill

RICHMOND, Va. –  Bonefish is known for its delicious fish and seafood entrees. Aaron Clifton, a Managing Partner made a return visit to our LIVE show to showcase a few of their popular Summer Menu Items, including their signature Blue Hawaiian Cocktail and Spicy Tuna Bowl.

Sparkling Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

Ingredients:                            Volume:
•    Your Favorite Rum (see below for fun ideas)        1.5 oz
•    Blue Curacao liqueur                    .75 oz
•    Coco Lopez or Crème de Coconut*            .50 oz
•    Fresh Pineapple Juice                    1 oz
•    Top with Champagne or Prosecco            Top with
•    Edible Orchid Flower & Cocktail Straws            Garnish with

•    In a large shaking tin or mixing glass, combine all ingredients EXCEPT Prosecco.
•    Add ice & then shake vigorously.
•    Pour all ingredients into your final glass for presentation.
•    Add ice to glass & top with sparkling prosecco.
•    Garnish & enjoy!

Spicy Tuna Bowl
Ingredients: (2 Servings)
•    6 oz Tuna Sashimi Slices
•    1 Cup Cooked Basmati Rice
•    3 oz of Fruit Salsa
•    1 Avocado (quartered)
•    ¼ Cup Carrot Slices (thinly sliced)
•    4 Sprigs of Cilantro
•    Crispy Wontons or Fried Onions for Garnish

•    Lightly sear the Tuna Sashimi.
•    On a plate, place Tuna Sashimi slices on top of cooked rice.
•    Fan Avocado slices out and place next to the Tuna.
•    Pour Fruit Salsa over the Tuna.
•    Garnish with carrot slices, sprigs of Cilantro and Crispy Wontons.
•    Serve with Soy Sauce or Chile Garlic Sauce.
•    Enjoy.

Ingredients for Fruit Salsa:
•    2 Cups of Pineapple (Chopped)
•    1 Tbsp Jalapeno (finely diced)
•    ½ Cup Red Pepper (finely diced)
•    ¼ Cup Red Onion (Chopped)
•    1 Tbsp Lime Juice
•    1 Tbsp Chili Powder
•    1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
•    Cilantro to Taste
•    Salt and Pepper to Taste
•    Core and dice Pineapple (1/4”X1/4”)
•    Slice Jalapeno (1/4”X 1/4”)
•    Stem, seed, and dice Red Bell Peppers (1/8” x 1/8”)
•    Peel and chop Red Onion (1/8” x 1/8”)
•    Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and toss to coat evenly