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Heartwarming photo captures ‘the spirit of Manchester’

Cliched as the phrase may be, a picture is most definitely worth a thousand words.

After the terror attack that shook Manchester, residents rallied – determined, unbowed and united.

And this photo, which Manchester native Natalie Thornley snapped, captured that spirit so well.

Thornley says she was attending a vigil in the city on Tuesday night when she shot this photo of an armed policeman blowing a kiss to a group of people holding a “free hugs” sign.

“The photo shows what Manchester is all about, a strong city with amazing people. What happened on Monday was not something we ever thought would happen. This picture shows we live amongst nice people and is an example of the love that we share with each other,” Thornley told CNN.

The group offered the policeman a hug but due to his weapon he was unable to take them up on the offer, she said. However, instead he blew them a kiss, “it was a really special moment, it captured the spirit of Manchester.”