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Watch Harry Styles shed ‘cool’ tears in ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Harry Styles makes crying look cool, folks.

The former One Direction star has been co-hosting “The Late Late Show,” all week and ended it with a 13-minute “Carpool Karaoke” ride with Corden.

Styles got teary while jamming out to his new song, “Sign of the Times.”

“It makes me cry performing it sometimes,” Styles acknowledged. “I find it quite emotional.” (Cue the collective “Aww,” Styles fans.)

The singer quickly noticed that he had made himself appear vulnerable, so he quipped: “[I cry] in, like, a cool way.”

Corden immediately busted out laughing and ribbed Styles for saying that he has the ability to hipster-cry.

They went on to sing Styles’ other songs off his debut solo album, including “Kiwi” and “Sweet Creature” (just like the pop star himself.)