Richmond veteran frustrated she can’t get ID at DMV after 11 years

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Doretha Boyd is at her wits end; frustrated that she has gone years without a driver’s license and tired of the hassle she said she’s experienced trying to get one.

That frustration prompted Boyd to call CBS 6 Problem Solvers.

She sasid she has no license and can’t get it reinstated because of a fee she owes to DMV. A $500 uninsured motorist fee that she said jumped from $500, to $1000 to $1,500.

Boyd says she has been trying to get to the bottom of the issue with DMV on her own for several years.

“I’ve gotten so frustrated but now I need transportation to get to the doctor and my other appointments,” Boyd explained.

She doesn’t dispute that she owes DMV money but says she can’t understand how the agency calculated her bill.

Doretha Boyd doesn't dispute that she owes money, but she questions how DMV arrived at $1,500

Doretha Boyd doesn't dispute that she owes money, but she questions how DMV arrived at $1,500

“I called up there to DMV and nobody could help me. They just said Miss Boyd, you have to pay fifteen hundred dollars. Then I got a letter in the mail telling me I couldn’t get any services. No ID, nothing, until I pay this.”

The Richmond woman said at one point she went to DMV to pay the fee but then had to cancel the check because tough times forced her to choose between paying for a home to live in and paying the fee.

“I said to her that I’ll have to cancel it because I need somewhere to live more than I need to drive a car,” Boyd said.

She believes the canceled check carries a penalty. Boyd, however, still doesn’t have any idea how a $500 uninsured motorist fee jumped to $1500.

“I need to know why my uninsured motorist fee is so much. Is it possible somebody else has attached something to my record?”

Without answers and no license, the veteran said it is just one big inconvenience.

“I need a license for a bank account, to be able to get my medicine,” Boyd said. “I can’t do anything without an ID -they won't even give me an ID.”

We contacted DMV for this story.  A spokesperson said they are aware of Ms. Boyd’s concerns and they are working on it. Monday a DMV representative spoke with Ms. Boyd to assure her that they are going to get to the bottom of this.

Because her case dates back 11 years, it’s just taking a little more time to figure out the nuances.

CBS 6 News will update the story with more details from DMV become available.

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