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Nikki-Dee gets to work at Castle Glen Estates Farm and Winery

DOSWELL, Va. -- There was no whining heard when Nikki-Dee was given some extra work this week. As part of her Can You Be Me series, Nikki-Dee visited Castle Glen Estates Farm and Winery in Doswell.

"I got to work with owners Ed and Pamela Cowdrey. They were too kind. They had me a staff jacket for me with 'Ray of Sunshine' on the sleeve," Nikki-Dee said. "When I arrived I met Pamela, Ed, their friends and friends. Bottling wine is truly a social event!"

Nikki-Dee said she felt like she was in the middle of a classic "I Love Lucy" scene as she attempted to help with the bottling.

"Empty bottles go in and complete bottles come out," she said. "I was able to help move the wine into the process as well as filing, labeling, and corking. Followed by boxing!"