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Goochland couple welcomes quintuplets in Arizona hospital

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GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. – A Goochland County couple successfully welcomed quintuplets to the world earlier this month at a Phoenix, Arizona hospital.

On December 4, Margaret and Michael Baudinet dreams of becoming parents came true at Dignity Health St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center.

Within 17 minutes, Margaret gave birth to four girls and a boy, Ava, Clara, Camille, Isabelle and Luke Baudinet.

Margaret and Michael’s journey to this point has been a difficult one. The couple previously had two miscarriages.

Margaret and Michael Baudinet

The couple decided to try fertility treatments.

When the couple learned the treatments were successful, they received another surprise.

“I remember the nurse started to giggle as she performed the sonogram. She told us she saw at least four heart beats,” said Margaret. “We immediately went into shock which was only furthered when we later learned that I was actually carrying five babies.”

“I was prepared for two or three children, and always thought it would be fun to have twins,” said Michael. “I wasn’t at all prepared for five children all at once.”

Margaret says she was nervous she would have another miscarriage so she couldn't bring herself to decorate the nursery at Goochland home.


Margaret’s rare pregnancy posed higher risks for prematurity, low birth weight, sight and hearing deficiencies, underdeveloped lungs and cerebral palsy, among other risks.

Quintuplets occur only once in several million pregnancies.

Because of the high risk pregnancy, Margaret and Michael decided to move temporarily from their Goochland home to Phoenix to work with renowned perinatologist John Elliott, MD.

“Like many patients who call, they were scared and looking for answers,” said Dr. Elliott, who has delivered more sets of quintuplets than any doctor in the world. “Our goal is to give them a program; a blueprint to help them feel more in control and more optimistic for success.”

On December 4, a team 24-person team at St. Joseph’s helped Margaret deliver healthy quintuplets at 32-weeks pregnant.

The hospital says they are all now thriving in the NICU.

"They're bottled feeding now so they're starting that. They were all born between 3 pounds 6 ounces, 3 pounds 14 ounces, which is relatively large for quintuplets," said Margaret.


The new family of seven are expecting to be in Phoenix for a couple of more weeks, but says they are excited to come home early in the New Year.

“We will be glad to be home, but our experience at St. Joseph’s has been above and beyond our expectations,” said Margaret. “The team caring for me and our little babies is just another miracle on our list.”

The Baudinets have chronicled their pregnancy and the births on their blog, A Bundle of Baudinets, which has links to a Go Fund Me campaign and other baby registries.